Hesai, GWM Partner for Lidar Vehicle Tech

Hesai Technology secures an automotive lidar design win in collaboration with Great Wall Motors (GWM). GWM’s multiple passenger vehicle models will feature Hesai’s advanced long-range lidar AT128, with mass production scheduled to kick off in 2024.

Why It Matters

Lidar technology, unaffected by ambient light variations, offers crucial 3D perception capabilities, making it a pivotal component in the realm of smart vehicles. GWM’s urban NOH, centered on perception, has already been implemented as an advanced driver-assistance system. Hesai AT128 will serve as a vital sensor in GWM’s series production vehicles, harmonizing with GWM’s high computational power and ADAS computing platform IDC3.0 to meet the demands of intelligent driving across diverse road scenarios.

Key Points

  • Hesai Technology secures a lidar design win with Great Wall Motors (GWM) for multiple passenger vehicle models.
  • GWM’s urban NOH relies on perception, making lidar a critical sensor for their advanced driver-assistance system.
  • Hesai AT128 will be integrated into GWM’s series production vehicles, enhancing intelligent driving across various road scenarios.
  • GWM is a prominent automaker in China, renowned for its comprehensive R&D capabilities in both software and hardware for intelligent driving.
  • Hesai’s expertise lies in providing automotive-grade, scalable production capabilities and integrating lidar manufacturing with R&D, enabling rapid product development.
  • Hesai has forged partnerships with 14 OEMs and Tier-1 clients, securing lidar design wins for over 50 series production vehicle programs.
  • The collaboration between Hesai and GWM aims to advance intelligent driving through cutting-edge perception technology, enhancing the smart travel experience globally.

Bottom Line

Hesai’s automotive lidar design win with Great Wall Motors signifies a significant stride in the world of intelligent driving. With Hesai AT128 as a pivotal sensor in GWM’s production vehicles, the partnership is poised to elevate the smart travel experience for consumers worldwide.


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