Hesai LiDAR Wins Chinese Application

Palo Alto – Hesai, a global leader in LiDAR technology, announced a new design win with SAIC’s electric vehicle brand – Rising Auto. The new model of Rising Auto will carry AT128 – Hesai’s long-range automotive LiDAR.

Rising Auto is a premium all-electric vehicle brand owned by SAIC Motor, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China. As a user-oriented and data-driven automotive technology company, Rising Auto is committed to creating a “mid-to-high-end pure electric intelligent mobile space”, continuously using technology to fulfill the imagination of green and intelligent travel.

Hesai’s AT128 is an automotive-grade, long-range LiDAR designed for ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) series production vehicles. It has won over several million units of expected volume from 10 leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Beginning mass production and delivery in 2022, AT128 has been shipped for various car models, reaching a monthly delivery of more than 20,000 units. By December 2022, with a total delivery of more than 100,000 units since inception, Hesai has set an annual record in the global LiDAR market.

AT128’s long-distance perception provides sufficient reaction time for the ADAS system, helping the vehicle to identify risks and make the safest decisions under complex road conditions. It has a ranging capability of 200m (approximately 10 percent reflectivity) and a 1200 x 128 overall resolution. With more than 1.53 million per second point frequency, it can conduct ultra-high precision scanning of the environment, forming consistent and unstitched point clouds that help vehicles to “see” the 3D world clearly in real-time.

SAIC’s Rising Auto chooses Hesai as the LiDAR supplier for its excellent product performance and mass production capabilities. In the future, both parties will work together to create safer, and more comprehensive intelligent driving experience.


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