Cepton Launches StudioViz Lidar Simulator

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Cepton, Inc., a leader in lidar technology for automotive and smart infrastructure, announced the launch of its advanced lidar simulation platform, StudioViz™. This proprietary platform is poised to enhance the development and deployment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV), offering significant cost efficiencies for automotive customers.

Key Highlights:

  • Streamlined Lidar Adoption: StudioViz is designed to facilitate the rapid adoption of lidar technology in the automotive industry by minimizing implementation costs and expediting development.
  • Advanced Simulation Capabilities: The platform allows users to create virtual environments, optimize sensor placement, and integrate simulated lidar data with other sensor types to assess system performance.
  • Efficient R&D Tool: StudioViz serves as a critical resource for cutting-edge research, enabling data generation for perception solution development without the need for extensive physical infrastructure.

StudioViz leverages Cepton’s comprehensive range of lidar sensors, such as the long-range Ultra and medium-range Vista-X series, to create high-fidelity 3D point clouds that mimic real-world conditions. This enables automotive OEMs to test and validate various sensor placements and perception algorithms in a virtual setting, significantly reducing the reliance on costly physical prototypes.

The platform’s robust simulation tools also allow for sensor fusion assessment and perception solution development. Users can generate detailed lidar data that is annotated with ground truth information for precise vehicle and pedestrian detection and tracking. This helps in refining algorithms for lane and curb detection, path planning, and ego-motion estimation.

Christian Nickolaou, Product Owner at Cepton, emphasized the efficiency of StudioViz, stating, “StudioViz accelerates the testing, development, and deployment of Cepton’s lidar technology by offering an efficient and cost-effective solution.” He highlighted the virtual integration capabilities that reduce the time and labor involved in sensor implementation.

In terms of cost savings, Nickolaou noted, “StudioViz reduces monetary investment in data generation and acquisition for the development of perception solutions,” making it a valuable tool for both OEMs and research institutions.

Cepton is committed to supporting the global automotive industry’s shift towards more automated and sophisticated technologies. The launch of StudioViz is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and its support for engineers and researchers worldwide in enhancing lidar-based solutions.

About Cepton: Founded in 2016, Cepton Technologies is at the forefront of lidar solutions for a variety of applications, including ADAS/AV, smart cities, and industrial applications. The company combines high-performance, quality, and cost-effective lidar technology with scalable and intelligent 3D perception solutions to support the widespread adoption of lidar across industries.

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