AEye, LITEON Forge Lidar Solutions Partnership

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AEye, Inc., recognized for its high-performance, adaptive lidar technologies, has officially confirmed its partnership with LITEON Technology Corporation. This collaboration follows the non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) declared earlier in March, aiming to integrate AEye’s innovative 4Sight™ lidar products with LITEON’s industrial capabilities. This partnership is set to enhance the safety features of vehicles through advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), utilizing AEye’s strategic, capital-light business model which employs automotive Tier 1 partnerships to streamline the delivery of lidar solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Matt Fisch, CEO of AEye, highlighted the synergy between the two companies, stating, “We believe that LITEON is an ideal partner for us. Their innovative spirit, vast experience in providing solutions to the automotive ADAS market, combined with their cutting-edge industrialization capability will enable us to provide the industry’s leading long-range lidar solutions at a very competitive cost to our customers. We are already collaborating on the OEM RFI/RFQ pipeline and I’m enthusiastic about our combined ability to capture a significant portion of the market.”

Key Highlights

  • Strategic Partnership: AEye teams up with LITEON to supply 4Sight-based lidar technology to automotive OEMs.
  • Focus on Safety: Enhancing vehicle safety through sophisticated ADAS integration.
  • Capital-Light Model: Leveraging partnerships for efficient delivery systems.
  • Enhanced Capability: Combining AEye’s lidar technology with LITEON’s industrialization strength.
  • Market Potential: Significant market capture through joint collaboration on OEM projects.

LITEON, with over forty years in the automotive electronics sector, brings its extensive expertise in optoelectronics and power management to this venture. The company supports a broad spectrum of automotive OEMs in Europe and North America, from design to manufacturing, reinforcing its role as a leader in the global electronics market.

Both companies express optimism about their future collaboration, which they believe will pioneer advancements in the autonomous driving sector by integrating their distinct technological and manufacturing strengths.

About AEye

AEye’s proprietary software-defined lidar technology drives advancements in vehicle autonomy and safety. Its 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform focuses on crucial, dynamic information delivery, ensuring top-tier safety and performance.


Founded in 1975, LITEON Technology Corporation stands as a pioneer in opto-electronic and power management technologies. Celebrating over five decades of innovation, LITEON continues to influence global markets, now focusing on sustainable technology solutions in line with global environmental trends.

This partnership marks a significant step towards integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance vehicle intelligence and safety, setting a benchmark for future innovations in the automotive industry.

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