Hesai Unveils Advanced Automotive Lidar at IAA Mobility 2023

Hesai Technology, a global frontrunner in automotive lidar technology, is set to present its state-of-the-art high-performance sensors at the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, a premier event for mobility, sustainability, and tech innovation.

Why It Matters

Lidar technology plays a crucial role in enhancing road safety. Hesai, by designing lidars that meet the stringent standards set by OEMs in terms of performance, reliability, and cost, is accelerating the widespread adoption of lidar in everyday vehicles. This represents a monumental leap in ensuring road safety for all.

Key Points

  • Recognition: According to a recent analysis by Yole Intelligence, Hesai stands out as the top global automotive lidar provider, boasting the largest market share in terms of revenue for the second consecutive year.
  • AT128: Renowned for its ultra-high resolution and extended range, AT128 is making waves in the lidar domain. Eleven leading OEM and Tier 1 companies have already embraced this technology. Notably, six of them are initiating production this year. With a production scale exceeding 10,000 units monthly, it’s the first primary lidar sensor for ADAS to achieve such widespread deployment in passenger vehicles.
  • ET25: Revolutionizing the standards for in-cabin automotive lidars, ET25 stands out with its compact height of just 25mm. Its placement behind the windshield enhances aerodynamics and shields it from dirt and dust. Marrying impeccable performance with compact design and affordability, ET25 promises to redefine the norms for safer and smarter vehicles.
  • FT120: Tailored for ADAS series production vehicles, FT120 is a fully solid-state short-range lidar. It boasts an ultra-wide FOV, eradicating blind spots and ensuring a thorough real-time perception of minute objects, road signs, and more.

Bottom Line

Attendees at IAA Mobility 2023 can delve deeper into Hesai’s innovations by visiting their booth in Hall B2 #F10 at Messe München. In addition, the company is geared up to make pivotal announcements and offer attendees an immersive experience with test drives and live lidar demonstrations at Hall C2 #A50.


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