Hesai and NVIDIA Unite for Advanced Lidar in Autonomous Vehicles

Hesai Technology, a leading innovator in lidar sensor technology, has announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA. This collaboration aims to incorporate Hesai’s advanced lidar sensors into the NVIDIA DRIVE and NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystems. This union of Hesai’s lidar expertise and NVIDIA’s AI, simulation, and software development platforms is set to open up new avenues in the autonomous driving sector.

Why It Matters

NVIDIA DriveWorks is a trusted platform for autonomous vehicle software development, enabling the creation and deployment of autonomous driving applications. With the integration of Hesai’s lidar sensors, developers can build more efficient and reliable autonomous driving systems.

Key Points

  • Simulation plays a crucial role in sensor integration. NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, built on Omniverse, is a robust simulation platform that allows developers to test and validate autonomous driving systems in a virtual environment.
  • Developers can access Hesai lidar sensor models in DRIVE Sim, enhancing their capabilities to simulate real-world lidar data. This leads to more accurate testing of autonomous vehicle algorithms.
  • Hesai’s AT128 is an automotive-grade, ultra-high resolution long-range lidar. It boasts 128 independent VCSEL laser transmitters, achieving 1.53 million data points per second and a detection range of 200 meters.
  • Hesai is currently collaborating with 11 leading OEMs on multi-year ADAS contracts, including China’s largest new energy vehicle manufacturer and leading auto companies. Six of these OEMs are set to start mass production and delivery before the end of 2023.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between Hesai and NVIDIA marks a significant step forward in the autonomous driving industry. By combining lidar technology with world-class simulation and software development platforms, developers can unlock the full potential of lidar in autonomous driving applications. This partnership is set to push the boundaries of lidar technology and accelerate the deployment of safe and efficient autonomous driving.


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