Hesai’s AT128 Lidar Enhances European Luxury EVs

Hesai Technology, a renowned automotive lidar pioneer, has debuted its AT128 in the European market. This state-of-the-art technology will be integrated into the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) of the Human Horizons HiPhi Z. The luxury electric vehicle is now available for purchase in both Germany and Norway.

Why It Matters

Lidar systems, especially the likes of Hesai’s AT128, play a pivotal role in enhancing vehicle safety by providing precise environmental perception. This launch symbolizes a significant advancement in vehicle safety and luxury, positioning the HiPhi Z at the intersection of technological innovation and luxury.

Hesai's AT128 Lidar Enhances European Luxury EVs

Key Points

  • Integration Design: The AT128 is impeccably integrated into the HiPhi Z’s roof, offering not just a sleek futuristic design but also enabling high-resolution 3D perception.
  • Performance: Boasting a range of 200m (@10% reflectivity), a 1200 x 128 resolution, and over 1.53 million scans per second, the AT128 provides vehicles with unparalleled perception capabilities, allowing them to accurately “see” and interpret their environment in real time.
  • Market Impact: Since starting mass production in 2022, Hesai has delivered over 190,000 units, making it a global record holder in the automotive lidar segment.
  • Global Footprint: Besides its integration in HiPhi Z, the AT128 is featured in the Lotus Eletre, available in 9 European nations, integrating British sports brand Lotus’s legacy into a luxury vehicle.

Bottom Line

Hesai’s AT128 lidar is reshaping the automotive industry by enhancing the safety and luxury quotient of vehicles. David Li, CEO of Hesai, expressed his enthusiasm about entering the European passenger car segment, emphasizing the partnership with esteemed OEMs like HiPhi. Hesai’s commitment to safety, paired with its strategic presence at IAA Mobility 2023, underscores its dedication to advancing automotive technology, with an aspiration to have their technology in every passenger vehicle.


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