Ford Expands Hands-Free Driving in Spain

Ford, the pioneer in hands-free highway driving, has received approval in Spain, making it the first automaker to introduce BlueCruise, their cutting-edge driver assistance system, in the country. This expansion follows the system’s successful launch in Great Britain and Germany, bringing hands-free driving to even more European customers. BlueCruise is already available in the U.S. and Canada.

Earlier this year, Ford’s BlueCruise made history by gaining approval for use on the motorway network in Great Britain, becoming Europe’s first advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) to offer true hands-free driving at highway speeds. Germany swiftly followed suit with its approval.

Why It Matters

The introduction of BlueCruise in Spain is a significant step toward Ford’s goal of making hands-free driving accessible to a wider audience. This technology not only enhances the driving experience but also contributes to road safety by reducing human error. As the number of BlueCruise-equipped vehicles on the road increases, the potential for safer, more efficient highways grows.

Key Points

  • Ford expands the availability of BlueCruise hands-free driving to Spain, making it the third European country, along with Great Britain and Germany, to approve the technology.
  • BlueCruise is already in use in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Customers in Great Britain have been enjoying hands-free driving on designated highways known as Blue Zones, and soon, customers in Germany and Spain will have access to this feature.
  • Over 260,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles worldwide are equipped with BlueCruise, with users having driven more than 125 million hands-free miles.

Bottom Line

Ford’s expansion of BlueCruise availability in Spain marks another milestone in the journey toward safer and more convenient driving experiences. With approval in three European countries and a growing user base, BlueCruise is poised to revolutionize highway driving across the continent and beyond. For more details and updates, visit Ford’s BlueCruise page and read about its top ranking by a leading consumer publication. Additionally, for the latest insights on BlueCruise, check out Ashley Lambrix’s blog post on LinkedIn.


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