Ford’s BlueCruise Gains Regulatory Approval for UK’s Motorways

What’s Happening: Ford’s Level 2 hands-free advanced driver assistance system, BlueCruise, has received regulatory approval for use on the motorway network in Great Britain. The UK’s Department for Transport has granted permission for the system’s use on pre-mapped motorways designated as Blue Zones. Ford Mustang Mach-E owners can now activate BlueCruise via subscription, making long drives more comfortable and less demanding.

Why It Matters: This approval marks the first time a hands-free driving system of its kind has been allowed for use in Europe. Ford’s BlueCruise system has already seen success in the US and Canada, where drivers of BlueCruise-equipped vehicles have driven more than 64 million hands-free miles. The system was also named the Consumer Reports Top Rated Active Driving Assistance System.

Key Points:

  • BlueCruise uses road markings, speed signs, and evolving traffic conditions to control steering, acceleration, braking, and lane positioning.
  • The system maintains safe and consistent distances from vehicles ahead, even in traffic jams.
  • Infrared camera technology checks driver attentiveness for safety and confidence.
  • The first 90 days of BlueCruise are included with the vehicle purchase, followed by a £17.99 monthly subscription.
  • Ford expects BlueCruise to be activated in other European countries as regulatory conditions permit.

Bottom Line: Ford’s BlueCruise is a significant advancement in automotive technology, making motorway driving more comfortable and less intimidating for drivers. With its introduction in Europe, the system is set to become more widely adopted across the continent. This marks a milestone in Ford’s journey toward establishing leadership positions in mobility solutions.


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