Cyngn Achieves Patent for AI-Driven Vehicle Tech

Cyngn Inc., a premier developer specializing in AI-powered autonomous driving solutions designed for industrial applications, proudly announced its recent procurement of the patent, US-11767034-B2. This specific patent safeguards the company’s distinctive system and method concerning computation acceleration for autonomous driving systems.

Why It Matters

Cyngn’s fresh addition to its patent collection accentuates the firm’s robust commitment to leading the autonomous tech frontier. With a central emphasis on ensuring both safety and scalability, the new patent is a testament to the firm’s endeavors in producing top-notch products. As Lior Tal, Cyngn’s CEO, points out, “These patents are crucial in our quest to present exceptional products, and we’re determinedly nurturing our intellectual property to shape the future of autonomous technology.”

Key Points

  • The latest patent underscores the company’s method and system for computation acceleration in autonomous driving.
  • Since August 2023, Cyngn has publicized the acquisition of six other patents derived from its innovative technology.
  • Notable features of these patents encompass:
    • Flexible vehicle sensor systems
    • Multi-channel sensing and obstacle detection
    • Computation acceleration techniques
    • Adaptive systems that utilize both real-world and simulated data
  • The current tally of US patents held by Cyngn stands at 16.

Bottom Line

The accumulation of these pivotal patents not only amplifies Cyngn’s commitment to innovation but also fortifies its esteemed position in the industrial autonomous sector. The company continues to pioneer with its intellectual property, indicating a promising trajectory in the evolving world of autonomous technology.


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