Cyngn Secures 15th Patent for Autonomous Tech

Cyngn Inc., a leader in AI-powered autonomous driving solutions tailored for industrial contexts, has proudly unveiled its newest patent, US-11760368-B2. This latest addition brings the total U.S. patents in the company’s portfolio to 15.

Why It Matters

The fresh patent safeguards Cyngn’s unique “same-loop adaptive simulation” method. By merging both simulated and authentic driving signals simultaneously, the innovation seeks to significantly augment autonomous vehicle movements.

Lior Tal, the company’s CEO, emphasized, “Our consistent patent expansion underscores our unwavering dedication to trailblazing. While we prioritize the utmost quality in product delivery, we are equally attentive to fortifying our intellectual property.” He further disclosed that Cyngn has submitted 10 more U.S. patents and 20 international ones, hinting at an extensive roadmap ahead.

Key Points

  • Cyngn’s solutions empower businesses to integrate autonomous driving into their operations without exorbitant initial expenses or overhauling existing vehicle assets.
  • The announcement follows Cyngn’s recent acquisition of four more patents, each focusing on core areas including vehicle sensor technology, obstacle detection, autonomous driving predictions, and multi-channel object matching.
  • An overview of Cyngn’s patent portfolio showcases some of their groundbreaking innovations:
    • US-11760368-B2: Adaptive simulation for autonomous driving (Published 9/19/2023)
    • US-11,747,454: Object detection (Published 9/5/2023)
    • US-11,745,762: Trajectory prediction for autonomous driving (Published 9/5/2023)
    • (Note: Only a selection of patents mentioned for brevity.)

Bottom Line

Cyngn’s commitment to refining and expanding its patent portfolio fortifies its position in the autonomous driving space. As the company strategically advances, it not only showcases technological prowess but also ensures businesses can transition into the autonomous era with ease and affordability.


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