Wayve Secures $1 Billion Investment

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Wayve, a leader in the field of Embodied AI for autonomous driving, recently announced a significant achievement in securing a $1.05 billion Series C funding round. The round was led by SoftBank Group, with notable contributions from NVIDIA, a new investor, and Microsoft, a returning investor. This influx of capital aims to boost Wayve’s innovative projects in transforming autonomous mobility with advanced artificial intelligence.

Key Highlights

  • $1.05 Billion Series C Funding: Led by SoftBank with contributions from NVIDIA and Microsoft.
  • Embodied AI: Integration into vehicles for improved interaction and learning from human behaviors.
  • Pioneering Technologies: Development of ‘GPT for driving’ models and mapless, hardware-agnostic driving systems.
  • Global Influence and Expansion: Supported by the UK’s strong AI industry presence.

Embodied AI combines sophisticated AI with physical platforms, such as vehicles and robots, enhancing how these machines understand and react to dynamic real-world scenarios. This advancement promises to increase both the functionality and safety of autonomous driving technologies.

Established in 2017, Wayve has quickly distinguished itself by deploying the first end-to-end deep learning autonomous driving system tested on public roads. The company now focuses on creating foundation models for autonomy, likened to a ‘GPT for driving’. These models aim to equip any vehicle with the capabilities to autonomously navigate various environments.

Alex Kendall, Co-founder and CEO of Wayve, emphasized the potential of Embodied AI to enhance the autonomous driving landscape: “At Wayve, our vision is to develop autonomous technology that not only becomes a reality in millions of vehicles but also earns people’s trust by seamlessly integrating into their everyday lives to unlock extraordinary value.”

Kentaro Matsui of SoftBank added, “AI is transforming mobility. Vehicles can now interpret their surroundings like humans, enabling enhanced decision-making that promises higher safety standards.”

The recent funding enables Wayve to continue its development and deployment of Embodied AI products. These advancements will allow OEMs to seamlessly upgrade vehicles to higher automation levels, enhancing the driving experience and safety.

About Wayve and SoftBank Group

Wayve leads in developing AI-driven technology for autonomous driving, improving vehicles’ ability to perceive and navigate diverse environments. For more information, visit www.wayve.ai.

SoftBank Group continues to support technological innovations that improve life quality globally, investing in a range of sectors from AI to clean energy. Discover more at https://group.softbank/en.

This partnership and investment mark a significant step toward enhancing autonomous driving technologies and solidifying the UK’s position as a leader in the AI sector. Wayve’s commitment to redefining mobility with AI at its core is poised to drive forward the industry’s evolution.

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