Cyngn and Columbia Vehicle Group to Begin Building Fleet of Autonomous Industrial Vehicles

MENLO PARK – Cyngn (NASDAQ: CYN), a developer of innovative autonomous driving software solutions for industrial and commercial enterprises, and Columbia Vehicle Group (“Columbia”), an electric vehicle manufacturer serving industrial and commercial environments, announced today that they have kicked-off production of autonomous Columbia Stockchasers powered by Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite (“EAS”).

This growing autonomous vehicle (“AV”) fleet will enable Cyngn to make its self-driving solutions on Columbia vehicles available to more customers. The new fleet will be equipped with the latest technologies that coincide with integrating autonomous driving capabilities into industrial vehicles, such as lithium-ion batteries with upgraded chargers and electrified vehicle controls. Furthermore, Cyngn and Columbia are jointly developing intellectual property and making end-of-line adjustments to streamline the AV build process.

In the fall of 2021, Columbia and Cyngn embarked on a partnership that would, among other things, enable select customers to become early adopters of autonomous industrial vehicles. Existing Columbia Stockchasers would be the first vehicles fit with Cyngn’s AV software, with plans to bring AV capabilities to additional vehicles in Columbia’s portfolio — through both retrofit and manufacture.

Lior Tal, Chairman, and CEO of Cyngn, stated, “We are pleased to announce this next milestone in the adoption of autonomous industrial vehicles, which comes on the heels of our recent deployment at the Las Vegas warehouse of Global Logistics and Fulfillment (‘GLF’) with whom we are thrilled to be working as their exclusive autonomous vehicle technology partner. GLF plans to expand self-driving capabilities to multiple US-based facilities, and with the development of this new fleet of Cyngn-powered Columbia Stockchasers, we look forward to helping other organizations take advantage of the benefits of autonomous vehicles.”

“Customers have been looking for ways to automate their workflows for years, and we believe that the time is right to bring self-driving capabilities to Columbia vehicles,” said Greg Breckley, Columbia’s Director of Business Development. “By launching production of our first fleet, we’re bringing the full range of Stockchaser’s well-known capabilities and pairing it with autonomous driving technology for a new era of Built for Work vehicles.”

“For us,” added Breckley, “the GLF announcement was a strong indication that our customers are hungry for autonomous vehicle technology. It is time to make this cutting-edge technology available to many more organizations.”

“Our work with Columbia Vehicle Group and GLF has paved the way for the expanded deployment of our products in support of the increased demand for autonomous vehicle solutions we are seeing in industrial material handling,” added Cyngn Director of Product, Jordan Stern. “Production of this new AV fleet marks a major step forward in serving that demand. We look forward to tackling an even broader range of use cases for Columbia’s existing customers as well as the new customers we will be onboarding together.”

Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite comprises a slate of products that includes DriveMod: Cyngn’s AI-powered AV technology stack and Cyngn Insight: software tools for data analytics, fleet management, and operational insights. EAS is a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to manage an autonomous vehicle fleet and gives operators the information they need to run their organizations more efficiently.


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