Road Safety Innovations by Intellias

Intellias, a leading automotive OEM software engineering partner, presented groundbreaking Proof of Concept demo solutions at the 2024 Navigation Data Standard (NDS) Association conference in Frankfurt. The projects, developed in collaboration with Goodyear Sightline and AUTOSAR, showcased the integration of NDS.Live to enhance road safety through advanced navigation and driver assistance technologies.

Key Highlights:

  • NDS.Live Integration: Demonstrated the use of high-resolution map information and cloud-based vehicle data.
  • Goodyear SightLine Collaboration: Showcased how tire condition and weather data can improve navigation and driver safety.
  • AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform: Highlighted the benefits of standardization and interoperability in real-time map updates and functional safety.
Road Safety Innovations by Intellias

NDS.Live: The Navigation of Tomorrow

The Proof of Concept demo solutions align strategically with NDS.Live, the next-generation global standard for map data in the automotive ecosystem. This highly connected system utilizes high-resolution map information and real-time vehicle and environmental data from the cloud, ensuring safe journeys for drivers and passengers. It supports advanced driver assistance, intelligent e-mobility, and autonomous driving.

NDS.Live facilitates the use of cloud-connected dynamic data, addressing the significant data volume of map information. Its modular architecture allows scaling across various usage scenarios in the car, the edge network (5G), and the cloud.

NDS.Live and Goodyear SightLine: Enhancing Safety

In collaboration with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Intellias presented a Proof of Concept demonstrating how NDS.Live and Goodyear SightLine can work together. By incorporating road characteristics and vehicle-specific conditions, the project aims to enhance navigation and driver assistance precision. Goodyear SightLine introduces intelligence technologies that enable seamless, safe, and reliable mobility by accurately analyzing tire conditions and weather factors to predict hazardous areas.

Traditional navigation maps typically provide basic data on roads and terrain. However, additional information, such as braking distance and safe speed variations based on weather conditions or tire wear, is crucial for safety.

NDS.Live and AUTOSAR: Dynamic Data for Functional Safety

As an AUTOSAR Associate Partner, Intellias develops future-proof software architectures and components, leveraging a comprehensive understanding of engineering processes and the entire software development lifecycle.

The integration of NDS.Live with the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform was a key focus. This integration showcases the seamless operation across diverse platforms and vendors, emphasizing the benefits of standardization and interoperability. During the NDS conference, Intellias demonstrated how the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform application could communicate with NDS.Live Smart Layer services and process speed limits. The high-bandwidth protocol support of the AUTOSAR Platform enhances its ability to manage NDS.Live’s data exchanges efficiently.

Additionally, the presentation highlighted how high-performance computing and real-time capabilities make the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform ideal for integrating with NDS.Live’s frequently updated map services, thereby boosting functional safety through real-time map updates for continuously informed applications.

About Intellias

Intellias is a global technology partner with over 20 years of experience in delivering product engineering and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. Leading automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and mobility service providers rely on Intellias to co-create custom solutions and digitally transform their businesses. Recognized for its expertise in connectivity, infotainment systems, autonomous driving, eMobility, and intelligent transportation, Intellias holds the highest industry certifications (ASPICE and TISAX) and global partnerships with renowned companies. Awarded the 2023 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan, Intellias continues to shape the future of automotive and mobility software solutions. More information can be found at Intellias Mobility.

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