Mobileye Scores Major Wins with Global Automaker

Mobileye has secured a significant series of production design wins with a major Western automaker, paving the way for a wider adoption of its automated driving technologies across multiple global brands and 17 new car models. This landmark deal marks a major step forward in the development of autonomous vehicles and is expected to bring hands-free, eyes-on driving experiences to customers worldwide starting in 2026.

A Suite of Automated Driving Solutions for Diverse Needs

The agreement encompasses the deployment of Mobileye’s three key platforms:

  • Mobileye SuperVision™: This platform will equip various brands with premium ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and automated driving solutions across a range of vehicle platforms and powertrains. The system leverages AI-powered surround computer vision and radar to enable navigate-on-pilot functions for various road types and operational domains.
  • Mobileye Chauffeur™: This platform offers a higher level of automation with eyes-off, hands-off capabilities for select models. It builds upon SuperVision by adding a second, independent perception system and increased computing power, providing a scalable upgrade path for automakers.
  • Mobileye Drive™: Designed for fully autonomous vehicles, this platform utilizes computer vision, lidar, and Mobileye imaging radar for driverless operation in robotaxi and mobility-as-a-service applications. Initial deployments are slated for 2026.

A Collaborative Approach to Customization and Scalability

What sets this agreement apart is its focus on customization and scalability. Mobileye’s unique software tools allow each brand to maintain brand-specific driving experiences while leveraging the core functionalities of the platforms. This flexibility caters to diverse customer preferences and market demands.

“These design wins represent an historic milestone in the development of automated driving, and will greatly increase its availability to customers globally,” said Mobileye CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua.

A Glimpse into the Future of Mobility

Mobileye’s partnership with this major automaker marks a significant turning point in the automotive industry. By combining Mobileye’s cutting-edge technology with the automaker’s established production expertise, the agreement paves the way for a future where safe, convenient, and autonomous driving experiences become increasingly accessible.

Looking Ahead

With a robust pipeline of production programs in place, Mobileye is poised to play a leading role in shaping the future of mobility. The company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration is sure to drive further advancements in automated driving technology, bringing us closer to a world where cars not only drive themselves, but also make our lives safer and more efficient.


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