Cruise Resumes Supervised Autonomous Driving

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This week, Cruise autonomous vehicles (AVs) will recommence supervised autonomous driving in Phoenix. This step marks an essential phase in Cruise’s journey toward driverless operations. Over recent weeks, Cruise has been mapping and collecting road data in Phoenix. Now, the company will validate its AVs’ performance against strict safety and operational standards. During this phase, safety drivers will be present in the vehicles to monitor and intervene if necessary.

Key Highlights:

  • Supervised Driving in Phoenix: Cruise AVs will operate autonomously with safety drivers.
  • Safety Drivers’ Role: They monitor the vehicles and ensure safe operation.
  • Expansion Plan: After Phoenix, Cruise will gradually expand to Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler.
  • Safety Protocols: Extensive safety measures guide all operations.
  • Three Pillars of Safety: Product Safety, Operational Safety, and Enterprise Safety.
Cruise Resumes Supervised Autonomous Driving

Cruise’s supervised autonomous driving is a vital step before deploying fully driverless vehicles. This phase builds on extensive simulation work, closed-course testing, and over 5 million driverless miles previously driven. Safety drivers play a crucial role in testing the AVs’ performance and enhancing the technology. The initial deployment will be in Phoenix, with plans to extend to surrounding areas based on safety benchmarks.

Safety is paramount at Cruise. From comprehensive vehicle management to continuous driver monitoring, Cruise employs rigorous safety procedures to ensure the safe operation of its AVs on public roads. These procedures fall into three main categories:

  1. Product Safety: Cruise AVs, based on the Chevy Bolt EV platform, are rigorously tested and maintained. New software undergoes thorough testing before being deployed to the fleet.
  2. Operational Safety: Documented protocols ensure fleet safety for both passengers and other road users. This includes driver training and performance management.
  3. Enterprise Safety: A safety-focused culture is embedded within the company. Employees are empowered to prioritize safety through governance, policies, and training.

Cruise is committed to community partnership. They encourage community members to report driving concerns via their Community Feedback portal. Each concern is investigated, and necessary actions are taken.

As Cruise progresses on this journey, they aim to collaborate with local communities to enhance transportation safety for all.

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