Hesai ET25 Wins CES 2024 Innovation Award

Hesai Technology, a global leader in lidar sensor technology, recently announced a significant achievement: its ET25 model has been honored as a CES 2024 Innovation Awards recipient. This award, which highlights excellence in design and engineering for cutting-edge technology products, underlines the ET25’s innovative approach to lidar technology.

Why It Matters

The recognition of the ET25 is crucial in the evolving landscape of automotive safety. Lidar sensors, which use laser pulses to detect objects, are integral to enhancing road safety and preventing collisions. The ET25 stands out for its ultra-thin design, high performance, and low noise levels. This design makes it easier to integrate lidar technology into mass-produced vehicles, thereby contributing to safer roads worldwide.

Key Points

  • Leading in Innovation: Hesai Technology’s ET25 overcomes numerous design challenges to offer a practical and reliable solution for lidar systems, as noted by CEO David Li.
  • Enhanced Road Safety: Lidar sensors, including the ET25, play a vital role in improving road safety by accurately detecting objects and other vehicles in various driving conditions.
  • Design Advancements: The ET25 is designed for cabin placement, representing a significant advancement in automotive LiDAR sensor technology.
  • CES 2024 Showcase: Hesai Technology will exhibit the award-winning ET25 at CES 2024, demonstrating its latest capabilities and product developments.

Bottom Line

Hesai Technology’s ET25 LiDAR sensor marks a significant milestone in the field of automotive safety. Its unique design and the recognition it has received as a CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree highlight Hesai’s leadership and commitment to advancing lidar technology. The ET25 not only represents a technological leap but also a step towards safer and more reliable roadways, showcasing Hesai’s vital role in the automotive industry’s future.


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