Hesai Technology Unveils Ultra-Thin, Long-Range Lidar ET25 for Automotive Applications

What’s Happening: Hesai Technology has released its latest automotive-grade lidar, the ultra-thin and lightweight ET25. Designed for in-cabin placement behind the windshield, the ET25 opens up new possibilities for automotive applications while ensuring safety and aesthetics.

Why It Matters: Lidar is essential for high-precision 3D perception in smart cars, enhancing safety redundancy and enabling L2+ and L3 ADAS applications. The ultra-thin ET25 can be placed behind the windshield without affecting aerodynamics or acceleration performance, while also providing a sleeker design.

Hesai Technology Unveils Ultra-Thin, Long-Range Lidar ET25 for Automotive Applications

Key Points:

  • The ET25 is only 25 mm tall, approximately half the height of the AT128, and offers higher performance with a detection range of up to 250 meters (225 meters behind the windshield).
  • Its in-cabin design prevents dust and rain from obstructing the lidar’s field of view (FOV) and allows for easy cleaning using windshield wipers.
  • The ET25 requires less optical Keep Out Zone (KOZ) space than other long-range lidars, leading to a wider field of view and more in-cabin space.
  • With only 12 W of power consumption, the ET25 can maintain high-performance operation even in hot conditions without overheating.
  • Its noise level is less than 25 dB, meeting the NVH requirements for luxury electric vehicle brands and ensuring a comfortable driving experience.
  • Hesai has partnered with Fuyao Group to develop near-infrared anti-reflection glass for the ET25, ensuring optimal performance behind the windshield and seamless integration with existing ADAS systems.

Bottom Line: Hesai Technology’s ultra-thin, long-range lidar ET25 marks another breakthrough for the company, following the fully solid-state lidar FT120 designed for ADAS series production vehicles. The ET25’s unique design and partnership with Fuyao Group will enable the mass production of in-cabin lidar and bring innovative solutions to the global market.


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