Hesai, FAW Group Collaborate on Lidar Solution

Hesai Technology, recognized globally for its lidar technologies catering to ADAS and autonomous vehicles, has secured a pivotal design partnership with FAW Group, China’s prominent automotive OEM. This collaboration focuses on integrating Hesai’s advanced ET25 ultra-thin long-range lidar into FAW’s upcoming EV model for the Hongqi brand. This initiative marks a significant milestone, as it represents the maiden design success for the ET25 and the global debut of a series production program featuring in-cabin lidar technology. Mass production and delivery for this endeavor are scheduled for the first half of 2025.

Why It Matters

FAW Group’s partnership showcases the company’s adeptness in cutting-edge technology, exemplifying its superior technical prowess and leading R&D capabilities. This in-cabin lidar solution will be publicized at FAW’s innovation technology conference in October, signifying a momentous advancement in automotive technology.

Key Points

  • ET25 Lidar: Hesai’s ET25 is a revolutionary ultra-thin long-range lidar tailored for ADAS production vehicles. This 25mm high lidar can be discreetly positioned behind the windshield, offering benefits like enhanced aerodynamics, protection from external elements, and a modern vehicle aesthetic.
  • Performance Metrics: ET25 boasts a range exceeding 250 meters at 10% reflectivity. This ensures efficient decision-making during intricate driving conditions.
  • Hesai’s Market Standing: Hesai has dispatched over 190,000 lidar units, cementing its reliable producer and supplier position. Per Yole Intelligence, Hesai has remained the top player in the global automotive lidar segment for two successive years, claiming a whopping 47% market share.
  • Global Expansion: Hesai is amplifying its ADAS production initiatives, clinching design successes for multiple vehicle models and initiating ADAS projects with esteemed OEMs across North America and Europe. Hesai currently partners with 13 global OEMs for series production programs.

Bottom Line

As the integration of lidar gains traction in the evolution of smart vehicles, Hesai remains dedicated to joining forces with international OEMs. Their collective mission is clear: innovate continuously to present a more intelligent, safer, and enjoyable driving experience to users around the globe.


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