TIER IV Boosts Autoware Adoption

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TIER IV has unveiled a new partnership program aimed at enhancing the utilization of Autoware, the world’s pioneering open-source software for autonomous driving. This initiative seeks to empower entities involved in autonomous driving technology with comprehensive training, ultimately granting them an official certification. Through this program, TIER IV aims to accelerate the adoption and development of autonomous driving solutions, leveraging its expertise to foster a robust ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of the TIER IV Autoware Partner Program, designed to facilitate the widespread adoption of Autoware through intensive training and certification.
  • Objective: To address the global challenges of driver shortages and improve road safety by promoting the integration of autonomous driving technologies.
  • Certification Benefits: Enables partners to participate in TIER IV-led projects and enhance their autonomous driving ventures with TIER IV’s support.
  • Specialized Training Offered: Focuses on the design, deployment, and assessment of AD systems using Autoware, addressing the current skills gap in the industry.
  • Global Collaboration: Through the Autoware Foundation, TIER IV aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for the advancement of autonomous driving technologies.

Shinpei Kato, the visionary founder and CEO of TIER IV, emphasized the program’s significance in building technical capabilities among partner companies. “The TIER IV Autoware Partner Program is a vital catalyst for creating a sustainable ecosystem where everyone can contribute to propelling AD systems,” Kato remarked, highlighting the program’s role in advancing the field of autonomous driving.

Partnerships and collaborations form the cornerstone of this initiative, with entities like Smart Robotics, Proxima Technology, FUJISOFT, 4th.ai, and Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions expressing their commitment to leveraging Autoware for the development and deployment of autonomous driving solutions. These partnerships underscore a shared vision for a future powered by advanced autonomous driving technologies, facilitating safer and more efficient transportation systems.

As TIER IV continues to lead the charge in the evolution of autonomous driving, its Autoware Partner Program stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to fostering innovation, collaboration, and the widespread adoption of open-source solutions in the automotive industry.

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