Cruise Reshapes Future: 24% Reduction to Prioritize Safety, Bolt Platform

Cruise, General Motors’ self-driving car unit, announced a major restructuring today, impacting 24% of its full-time staff. This move, driven by a shift in its commercialization strategy, prioritizes safety and a more focused approach.

The company’s immediate focus will be on refining its technology and vehicle performance, aiming to establish a new benchmark for driverless performance. This involves:

  • Prioritizing the Bolt platform: Cruise will initially focus on launching its ride-hailing service in a single city using the Bolt platform, a more scalable and cost-effective vehicle compared to the Origin.
  • Enhanced safety standards: Cruise emphasizes a commitment to rigorous safety measures and will collaborate with regulators, communities, and industry leaders to define industry-leading standards.
  • Delayed commercialization: The aggressive expansion plans of 2024 have been scaled back, with a deliberate and focused approach to market entry.

The restructuring will result in staff reductions across various departments, primarily impacting field, commercial operations, and corporate functions. However, Cruise clarifies that engineering remains largely unaffected.

Supporting Departing Employees:

Cruise acknowledges the impact of these decisions and is committed to supporting departing employees with a comprehensive severance package, including:

  • Severance pay: At least 16 weeks of pay, with additional weeks based on tenure.
  • Bonuses: All impacted employees will receive their 2023 bonus.
  • Benefits: Continued health insurance, mental health support, and other perks until May 2024.
  • Career support: LinkedIn Premium subscription, alumni directory access, and career workshops.
  • Immigration support: Extended payroll and visa assistance for impacted non-U.S. citizens.

Looking Ahead:

Cruise remains confident in its mission and believes this restructuring is a necessary step towards long-term success. The company emphasizes its commitment to safety and delivering a reliable, driverless service.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cruise is adjusting its commercialization strategy to prioritize safety and focus on one-city launch.
  • 24% of staff are impacted by restructuring, mainly in non-engineering departments.
  • Cruise is offering a comprehensive severance package to support departing employees.
  • The company remains committed to its mission and believes this move will strengthen its long-term prospects.


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