Auve Tech Enters U.S., Expands Partnership

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Auve Tech, an Estonian innovator in autonomous transportation systems, has officially marked its entry into the U.S. market by launching its flagship MiCa shuttle, a cutting-edge solution designed for seamless integration into existing transportation frameworks. In a strategic move to bolster the shuttle’s safety and operational capabilities, Auve Tech has expanded its partnership with Guident Ltd, a leader in autonomous vehicle teleoperation.

Key Highlights:

  • Auve Tech launches MiCa shuttle in the U.S., bringing its autonomous transport solutions stateside.
  • Partnership with Guident enhances MiCa’s safety with advanced teleoperation technology.
  • Integration of Guident’s RMCC promises improved remote monitoring and control.
  • Showcase event on April 18, 2024, to unveil the integrated MiCa shuttle at Guident Headquarters.

In collaboration with Guident, Auve Tech has embarked on integrating Guident’s teleoperation solution into the MiCa shuttle, further advancing the shuttle’s safety and efficiency. This partnership leverages Guident’s Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) technology to offer unprecedented levels of remote monitoring, control, and assistance for the MiCa shuttle, which is celebrated for being the most compact and flexible level 4 autonomous shuttle available.

The fruits of this collaboration will be on full display at the Guident Headquarters Inauguration event on April 18, 2024, in Boca Raton, Florida, showcasing the MiCa autonomous shuttle’s integration with Guident’s RMCC solution. This event promises to highlight the synergy between Auve Tech’s autonomous vehicles and Guident’s teleoperation capabilities.

Johannes Mossov, a board member at Auve Tech, expressed enthusiasm about the U.S. launch and the partnership with Guident, stating, “With MiCa now officially ‘landed’ in the US for market entry, we are glad to join forces with Guident.” Harald Braun, Guident’s Executive Chairman and CEO, mirrored this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of their collaboration and the integration of Guident’s teleoperation technology into the U.S. market.

About Auve Tech and Guident:

Auve Tech is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing autonomous transportation systems, offering comprehensive services that include vehicle integration and fleet management. Guident’s expertise in remote monitoring and control technology sets a new standard for autonomous vehicle safety and efficiency. Together, these companies are paving the way for innovative transportation solutions globally.

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