Kentucky’s Driverless Vehicle Bill Vetoed

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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, with the backing of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, has vetoed House Bill 7 (HB7). This bill would have permitted the operation of driverless trucks and cars on Kentucky’s thoroughfares, raising substantial concerns regarding job security and public safety.

Key Highlights:

  • Governor Beshear vetoes HB7, aiming to protect jobs and ensure motorist safety.
  • Teamsters praise the decision, warning against the dangers posed by autonomous vehicles.
  • Public opinion heavily favors human-operated vehicles, fearing job loss and safety risks.
  • Teamsters urge the public to support the veto to safeguard middle-class employment.

The veto comes amid a backdrop of widespread public apprehension towards autonomous vehicles. Polling indicates a strong preference among Kentucky voters against legislation favoring driverless cars, concerned primarily about the impact on employment and safety. This sentiment is echoed nationwide, with a significant majority expressing unease at the prospect of fully autonomous vehicles on the roads.

Fred Zuckerman, Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer, emphasized the bill’s alignment with Big Tech interests over public welfare. He calls for a reevaluation of such legislation, highlighting the potential consequences for middle-class jobs and the safety of everyday motorists.

Echoing Zuckerman’s concerns, Avral Thompson and John Stovall, prominent figures within the Teamsters, have pointed out the existential threat posed by HB7 to thousands of well-paying jobs. They stand united in urging Kentuckians to reach out to their legislators, advocating for the maintenance of Governor Beshear’s veto as a stand against the encroachment of driverless technology.

This collective stance by the Teamsters and the governor underscores a critical junction in the ongoing debate over autonomous vehicles, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that considers technological advancement’s socio-economic impacts.

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