Baidu Unveils 24/7 Robotaxi Operations

In a pioneering leap for autonomous transportation, Baidu, Inc. has officially launched China’s inaugural 24/7 robotaxi service through its Apollo Go platform in select areas of Wuhan. This strategic move not only showcases Baidu’s leading edge in AI and internet technologies but also marks a significant expansion of its autonomous ride-hailing services, offering round-the-clock convenience and accessibility to its users. By integrating advanced AI capabilities with an unwavering commitment to user safety and satisfaction, Baidu continues to redefine urban mobility across China.

Key Highlights:

  • Baidu introduces China’s first 24/7 robotaxi service in Wuhan, enhancing urban mobility.
  • Achieved significant milestones in autonomous transportation, including the world’s first airport robotaxi service to Beijing Daxing Airport.
  • Expanded operations include fully driverless services across the Yangtze River, showcasing technical prowess.
  • Apollo Go’s service expansion caters to a broader range of user needs, emphasizing safety and convenience.
  • Special campaigns honor International Women’s Day, offering female users priority service during late-night hours.
  • Exceptional user trust, with 97.12% five-star app reviews, underscores Apollo Go’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Over 5 million cumulative rides provided, reflecting Baidu’s impact on autonomous ride-hailing services.

Baidu’s announcement of extending Apollo Go’s operations to 24/7 underscores the company’s innovative approach to addressing the evolving needs of urban transportation. By making autonomous driving services available at all hours, Baidu caters to a diverse range of user needs, especially accommodating those requiring nighttime travel, and setting a new standard for convenience and reliability in the autonomous ride-hailing sector.

In celebrating International Women’s Day, Baidu has launched a thoughtful campaign, offering female users up to two priority services during late-night hours, alongside intelligent in-car voice service. This initiative not only enhances safety but also demonstrates Apollo Go’s user-centric approach to service delivery.

With a fleet of 300 fully driverless vehicles operating in Wuhan, Apollo Go’s extended service reinforces Baidu’s position at the forefront of the global intelligent transportation industry. By exceeding 3,378.73 kilometers in test mileage within the city, Apollo Go has significantly contributed to Wuhan’s reputation as a leading city in intelligent transportation implementation.

As Baidu continues to expand Apollo Go’s operations, achieving over 5 million cumulative rides by January 2024, its efforts in pushing the boundaries of autonomous ride-hailing services are evident. With services now available in over 10 cities, including Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Chongqing, Baidu is not only pioneering fully driverless robotaxi services but also enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of urban transportation in China.

About Baidu: Founded in 2000, Baidu has been at the forefront of AI and internet technologies, driven by its mission to simplify the world through technology. As a leading AI company listed on NASDAQ (BIDU) and HKEX (9888), Baidu continues to innovate and expand its influence across the globe.

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