Baidu Leads with Autonomous Airport Transportation

Baidu, Inc., a dominant force in artificial intelligence with a robust internet base, has unveiled its autonomous airport transportation services in Wuhan. This move establishes Baidu as the inaugural company in China to provide driverless rides both to and from airports. This service, incorporated into Baidu’s Apollo Go platform, aims to seamlessly connect urban roads and highways to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.

Why It Matters

The launch of Baidu’s autonomous airport transportation in Wuhan signifies a monumental stride in pioneering driverless airport mobility within China. It represents Baidu’s capability to master more intricate operational scenarios for its robotaxi fleet. As such, it is a game-changer in making autonomous ride-hailing experiences more accessible to the masses.

Key Points

  • Baidu’s Apollo Go has been extended to serve the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, bridging urban and airport routes.
  • Initially available for select Apollo Go users through invitations, the service is set to roll out for the general populace in September.
  • Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, situated 25 kilometers from Wuhan’s center, is among China’s primary regional hub airports. This year, it recorded a transfer of 125,000 international regional travelers, leading in the central China region. The airport has upped its daily flight ceiling from 700 to nearly 1000 flights.
  • Post this expansion, Apollo Go has eyes on broadening its reach within Wuhan, targeting areas like the Jingkai District, Hanyang District, and others in the Jiangbei vicinity.
  • Apollo Go, an eminent autonomous ride-hailing service, noted an impressive tally of over 3.3 million cumulative orders as of June 30, 2023. The second quarter of 2023 witnessed Apollo Go fulfilling 714,000 rides, marking a 149% YoY surge.

Bottom Line

Baidu, through its Apollo Go platform, is steadfast in championing the widespread adoption of entirely autonomous vehicles. With its autonomous fleet currently serving in five cities, including Wuhan, Baidu remains at the forefront, being the only enterprise executing fully autonomous commercial operations and tests in multiple cities across the nation.


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