RoboSense’s M3 Sensor Triumphs at Tech.AD

In a significant recognition of its technological innovation, RoboSense‘s M3 sensor has been awarded the prestigious 2024 Tech.AD Europe Award in the Perception and Sensing category. This accolade highlights the M3’s role in enhancing the capabilities of intelligent driving systems through advanced lidar solutions. By pushing the boundaries of perception technology, RoboSense demonstrates its commitment to safer and smarter automotive futures.

Key Highlights:

  • RoboSense’s M3 sensor wins the 2024 Tech.AD Europe Award for its advancements in perception and sensing for intelligent driving systems.
  • The M3 lidar sensor is recognized for its long-range capabilities, marking a significant step towards safer, autonomous driving technologies.
  • RoboSense focuses on research and development, leading to rapid innovation and the scalability of its automotive-grade sensors.
  • The company’s mass manufacturing capabilities and diverse customer base position it as a leader in the automotive lidar industry.

RoboSense, a global frontrunner in lidar and perception solutions, has achieved a milestone with its M3 lidar sensor by winning the 2024 Tech.AD Europe Award. This recognition underscores the M3’s contribution to advancing intelligent vehicle technologies with its long-range, automotive-grade capabilities. RoboSense’s dedication to innovation, underpinned by rigorous research and development, enables the company to swiftly scale its products, such as the M3 sensor, which is pivotal in the mass adoption of L3+ autonomous vehicles worldwide.

The M3 distinguishes itself by challenging traditional long-range 1550nm sensors, offering a 300m range at 10% reflectivity using 940nm wavelengths. This breakthrough in technology not only makes the M3 sensor more compact and cost-effective but also enhances its power efficiency. Additionally, the sensor’s advanced 2D scanning technology ensures superior angular resolution, enabling the detection of smaller objects from greater distances.

A cornerstone of RoboSense’s strategy is its modular platform design, which allows for easy upgrades through in-house developed chip technologies. This approach ensures that OEM customers can seamlessly transition to newer sensor generations without the need for extensive redesigns or validations. RoboSense’s commitment to high-volume production, stringent quality control, and its diverse portfolio in the automotive market have solidified its position as a key player in the industry.

Mingzhe Sun, Operations Director at RoboSense EMEA GmbH, stated, “At RoboSense, we are committed to making the world safer and smarter through autonomous technology innovation.” This award from Tech.AD Europe serves as a testament to RoboSense’s enduring dedication to excellence in the realm of autonomous driving technologies.

For more insights into RoboSense’s contributions to the future of intelligent driving systems, including the celebrated M3 sensor, visit their website at

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