Polaris™ RTK: Now in South Korea

Point One Navigation, a leader in precision positioning platforms, has announced the expansion of its Polaris™ Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) location network to South Korea. This development marks a significant step in providing centimeter-accurate location services to businesses and application developers in the region.

The introduction of the Polaris™ network in South Korea is set to offer comprehensive coverage throughout the country. This is a major advantage for existing Polaris customers, as they can now utilize the South Korean integration immediately, enhancing the precision and efficiency of their location-based projects.

Polaris™ stands out as an RTK corrections network, enabling centimeter-level accurate GNSS positioning. Its system is capable of delivering accuracy ranging from 10 cm to 1 cm. This level of precision is particularly beneficial in challenging environments such as urban areas with limited sky view. Unlike standard GNSS systems, which face position uncertainty due to atmospheric signal delay, satellite orbit variation, clock drift, and signal multipath, the Polaris™ network counters these issues using additional information from compact base stations.

The Point One Nav FusionEngine software further enhances this capability. It integrates inertial measurement, wheel odometry, and additional sensors to achieve high precision even without satellite signals. The combination of the Polaris™ network and FusionEngine software presents a cost-effective solution for precision location services, particularly useful in autonomy and robotics applications. The network’s support for all major GNSS constellations and its dense global network of base stations extend its reach to various regions including the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

For developers, integrating the Polaris™ RTK network and FusionEngine software has been made efficient and straightforward through a robust GraphQL-based API. This standardization allows for quick integration of Polaris RTK into applications, catering to a wide range of demands including industrial autonomy, precision agriculture, logistics, delivery, robots, and ADAS.

Point One Navigation, renowned for its team of experts in autonomous vehicle technology, continues to drive innovation in precision navigation. Their experience and expertise, drawn from prestigious companies and research institutions, have culminated in the development of groundbreaking products like Polaris™, Atlas, and GraphQL API.

For more information about the Polaris™ RTK network and its capabilities, interested parties can visit Point One Navigation’s website at https://pointonenav.com/polaris.


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