Raven Advances Cutting-Edge Precision and Autonomous Ag Tech with Two Raven Autonomy™ Product Debuts

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Raven Industries debuted two new autonomous agriculture solutions at CNH Industrial’s Tech Day event in Phoenix, Ariz., on December 7, 2022: the Driverless Tillage Solution and the Driver Assist Harvest Solution. These solutions will expand on the brand’s existing Raven Autonomy™ portfolio to provide additional support across multiple stages of the cash crop production cycle, making future autonomy solutions more accessible for customers in multiple seasons.

These two solutions are the latest advancements in Raven’s Path to Autonomy customer journey, which encourages customers to pursue more efficiency, profitability and sustainability by investing in increasing levels of farming automation. Integrated with CNH Industrial’s customer-centric product development, Raven continues to create solutions that help customers envision and prepare for full-scale autonomy in their operations.

“As our customers continue to face rising costs, labor constraints, decreasing land availability, and short operational windows, our purpose continues to drive us to develop autonomous solutions that help them solve those challenges,” commented Eric Shuman, General Manager of Raven Industries. “The Driverless Tillage Solution and Driver Assist Harvest Solution developments are proof that we are expanding these autonomous capabilities into all areas of the cash crop cycle, helping farmers capitalize on additional efficiencies and cost savings in all seasons.”

Raven Advances Cutting-Edge Precision and Autonomous Ag Tech with Two Raven Autonomy™ Product Debuts

Driverless Tillage

The Raven Autonomy™ Driverless Tillage Solution pairs with Case IH tractor and tillage platforms to deliver on a proven customer value proposition, giving farmers more productivity with richer data insights in their tillage operations. Users can confidently plan and execute precise tillage jobs with consistent agronomic results. The Raven Autonomy™ tech stack allows farmers to reallocate labor resources to maximize operational efficiency.

The Driverless Tillage Solution goes beyond vehicle automation and object detection capabilities to provide best-in-class soil management outcomes. The system leverages industry-leading Case IH tillage automation to provide full implement control, seedbed sensing and agronomic prescription capabilities to optimize soil quality. This results in more consistent agronomic results with more comprehensive data reports.

Driver Assist Harvest Solution

The Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist Harvest Solution will give grain cart operators of all skill levels the tools to drive confidently, addressing the market’s limited availability of skilled labor by decreasing the level of training needed to operate like a pro. The technology stack synchronizes the path and speed of the tractor during an “unload on the go” operation using the market’s most precise GPS signal. This decreases grain spillage from miscommunication or imperfect unload coordination and reduces operator stress. Ultimately, the Driver Assist Harvest Solution simplifies the complexity of harvest operation, giving operators peace of mind with the push of a couple of buttons.

The Driver Assist Harvest Solution is the first of many driver-assisted solutions developed by Raven. Raven’s Driver Assist technology goes beyond precision, giving operators the full scope of autonomy capabilities with the push of a button. The holistic solution ensures that all settings are automatically accounted for, including propulsion, guidance and functional controls. Driver Assist technology will allow anyone to operate like a pro while maintaining discretionary control.

Raven Advances Cutting-Edge Precision and Autonomous Ag Tech with Two Raven Autonomy™ Product Debuts

Customer-Centric Autonomous Development

The Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist Harvest and Driverless Tillage solutions join the Case IH Trident™ 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy™ as the latest product debuts in an expanding autonomy development pipeline. Raven continues to integrate with CNH Industrial to collectively automate the cash crop cycle in the long term, driving value in all stages and seasons of the farming operation.

“CNH Industrial allows us to develop autonomy faster and on more platforms. We have access to the teams, technology, and platforms needed to accelerate this development,” said John Preheim, Vice President of Product Development at Raven Industries. “Overall, collaborating across a customer-oriented organization with a worldwide reach enables us to provide autonomy solutions that solve global agricultural challenges long-term.”

These products were initially introduced as part of CNH Industrial’s Tech Day event held on December 7 and 8, 2022. Visit the CNH Industrial Tech Day webpage to watch the presentations and learn more about unveiled solutions.


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