Oxa, eVersum Team Up on Autonomous Shuttles

Oxa, a renowned software developer for autonomous vehicles, and eVersum, a leader in electric commercial vehicles and passenger transport solutions, are joining forces. Their collaboration aims to design, develop, and launch shared autonomous passenger vehicles known as the ‘eShuttles’. The target markets include Europe and the US, with these advanced vehicles set to redefine public transport.

Why It Matters

Urban areas worldwide are witnessing increased population growth, leading to heightened road congestion. Simultaneously, the pressure mounts on public transport operators due to rising operational costs and persistent driver shortages. As these challenges amplify, it’s the vulnerable community members, like the elderly and disabled, who face the brunt. The autonomous eShuttle solution from Oxa and eVersum stands to combat these issues by offering a more cost-effective, flexible, and low-carbon alternative to traditional public transport.

Key Points

  • The partnership debuted at Busworld 2023 Europe exhibition.
  • eVersum’s eShuttle can accommodate:
    • Up to 20 seated passengers
    • A maximum of 50 people when including standing passengers
    • Offers features like kneeling-stop, flexible seating, and a state-of-the-art information system.
  • eVersum will produce vehicles equipped with Oxa’s autonomy software, Oxa Driver, along with integrated sensors and computing tech.
  • Their collective goal is to present a comprehensive shuttle solution that merges safety, efficiency, and reliability, allowing transit operators to slash costs, boost safety, and expand their service range.

Bottom Line

This strategic alliance between Oxa and eVersum is poised to transform the public transport sector. The combined expertise of both companies aims to provide an innovative solution to the challenges faced by transit operators. By making autonomous shuttling mainstream, they’re not just addressing operational costs but are also championing a sustainable, low-carbon future. Initial deployment in the UK is anticipated later this year, marking a significant achievement for its automotive industry. As both CEOs express their enthusiasm for this venture, it’s clear that the future of mobility is on the cusp of a groundbreaking shift.


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