Volvo Autonomous Solutions Broadens Operations in Texas, Poised to Revolutionize Freight Transport

Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) intensifies its North American presence with a new Texas base, preparing for the commercialization of hub-to-hub autonomous transport that promises to redefine the freight industry.

What’s Happening

Volvo Autonomous Solutions is advancing its foothold in North America by establishing an office in Fort Worth, Texas, and initiating manual operations. This move sets the stage for the launch of a pioneering hub-to-hub autonomous freight transport system.

Why It Matters

This expansion signals a transformative step in freight transportation. As part of the move, Volvo’s autonomous division is creating freight corridors between Dallas Fort Worth and El Paso, and Dallas to Houston. The division has already begun moving loads for key customers, such as DHL and Uber Freight, utilizing trucks with drivers to test and ensure safe, reliable operations.

Key Points

According to Nils Jaeger, President of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, the company’s focus is on simplifying ownership and operations for its customers, which is the driving force behind its decision to serve as the single interface. With the Texas office and operational activities, Volvo is laying the groundwork for a game-changing transport solution that could revolutionize highway goods transportation.

In addition, Sasko Cuklev, Head of On-Road Solutions, revealed that their ambition with the Autonomous Transport Solution is to generate new industry capacity that can accommodate the rising freight demand. Simultaneously, it enables local drivers to transition into short-haul roles, thus increasing efficiencies across the supply chain and benefiting all transportation industry stakeholders.

Partnerships to Drive Industry Innovation

A key part of V.A.S.’s strategy is forming alliances with industry players, including DHL and Uber Freight. The company’s customer program aims to collaborate with shippers, carriers, logistics service providers, and freight brokers to test and commercialize autonomous transport solutions.

V.A.S. has also teamed up with industry pioneer, Aurora. A significant aspect of this partnership is the integration of the Aurora Driver with Volvo’s on-highway truck offerings.

Bottom Line

Volvo Autonomous Solutions is positioning itself at the forefront of freight transportation innovation. Through its expanded operations, partnerships, and unique customer approach, the company is set to drive unprecedented efficiencies and capacities in the freight industry.


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