May Mobility and Via to Deploy Thousands More Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transit Globally

What’s happening: May Mobility and Via have announced a new agreement to deploy thousands more autonomous vehicles (AVs) globally for public transit in the next three years. May Mobility is a leader in the development and deployment of AV technology, while Via is a global leader in TransitTech.

Why it matters: The partnership between May Mobility and Via aims to provide equitable transit solutions to communities around the globe. By combining May Mobility’s AV technology with Via’s AI-based booking and intelligent routing algorithms, the companies will continue to offer on-demand, dynamically routed, and shared AV services in cities worldwide.

Key points:

  • May Mobility and Via plan to deploy thousands more AVs for public transit globally in the next three years.
  • The companies currently offer on-demand, dynamically routed, and shared AV services in three cities.
  • The company’s focus on improving accessibility means that all fleets include wheelchair-accessible vehicles equipped with an ADA-compliant ramping system.
  • Via’s Remix software will further optimize May Mobility’s AV routes and advance sustainability and equity goals by using proprietary data from over 200 Via deployments and 100 million shared Via rides.

Bottom line: May Mobility and Via’s partnership is a significant step forward in expanding the public deployment of AVs across the U.S. and beyond. By leveraging each other’s strengths, the companies can provide equitable, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions to communities around the globe.


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