Beep and MSU Partner for Autonomous Shuttle Program

Beep, Inc., a pioneer in autonomous shared mobility solutions, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Mississippi State University (MSU). This collaboration marks the launch of Mississippi’s first autonomous shuttle pilot program, set to debut later this year on the university’s campus. The initiative aims to explore how shared and electric autonomous mobility can enhance existing campus transportation while contributing to research on transportation planning for rural and urban areas.

Key Highlights

  • First Autonomous Shuttle Program in Mississippi
  • Enhanced Campus Transportation Options
  • Focus on Safety, Accessibility, and Sustainability
  • Valuable Data Collection for Future Planning

Program Details and Objectives

Beep’s Chief Revenue Officer Toby McGraw expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing MSU’s role as a leader in integrating advanced technologies to benefit students and faculty. “MSU is a recognized national and global leader in integrating cutting-edge technologies throughout their campus to enhance the everyday lives of their students and faculty, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to pilot our autonomous and electric solutions on the MSU campus,” McGraw stated.

Jeremiah Dumas, MSU’s Executive Director of Transportation, and his team recognize the importance of offering additional safe and efficient transportation modes. “We are looking forward to seeing how our shared autonomous mobility solutions can both provide a valuable transportation option for the campus while integrating seamlessly into current transportation solutions,” McGraw added.

Safety and Efficiency at the Forefront

Beep prioritizes safety, accessibility, sustainability, and efficiency in its pilot programs. The company will collaborate closely with the Mississippi Department of Transportation and various safety administrations to ensure all necessary approvals. The pilot will feature two 11-passenger, attendant-led autonomous and electric shuttles, operating on different routes across the core campus, student housing, and popular entertainment spots.

Throughout the program, MSU will collect critical data from riders to optimize routes and assess ridership patterns. This information will be instrumental in enhancing the program and planning future transportation solutions.

About Beep

Beep specializes in delivering next-generation autonomous, shared mobility solutions. The company focuses on planning, deploying, and managing autonomous shuttles in dynamic mobility networks. Beep’s solutions aim to reduce congestion, eliminate carbon emissions, improve road safety, and enable mobility for all. By leveraging data and insights from its deployments, Beep continuously advances the safety, customer experience, and operational capabilities of autonomous platforms. For more information, visit

Bottom Line

The collaboration between Beep and MSU represents a significant step forward in the adoption of autonomous transportation solutions. As the first of its kind in Mississippi, this pilot program promises to offer valuable insights and improvements to campus transportation, setting a precedent for future initiatives in the state.

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