May Mobility Unveils California Autonomous Transit

May Mobility, a frontrunner in autonomous vehicle technology, has teamed up with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) to launch a microtransit service in Martinez, California. This initiative targets enhancing healthcare accessibility by providing reliable transportation for medical staff, patients, and the broader community.

Why It Matters

The primary goal of this venture is to minimize medical appointment cancellations and no-shows stemming from transportation challenges. Efficient and accessible transportation is pivotal for healthcare outcomes and equity. This partnership reinforces the belief in autonomous technology as a solution for addressing public transportation inadequacies.

Key Points

  • Partnership Dynamics: May Mobility’s collaboration with CCTA focuses on integrating its autonomous vehicles into CCTA’s pre-existing transport network. This expansion involves an inclusion of seven vehicles, three of which are designed to be wheelchair-friendly, ensuring ADA compliance.
  • Tech Integration: Via, the global TransitTech leader, powers this microtransit service. The Via-aided May Mobility app will facilitate on-demand AV ride booking, employing AI for efficient ride-sharing.
  • State Approval: Ahead of this launch, May Mobility acquired the necessary permit for autonomous vehicle testing from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Service Extensions: Apart from facilitating medical facility commutes, the deployment will cover stops that augment transit connections. The focus will also be on enhancing community links to local points of interest and health facilities.
  • Endorsements: Timothy Haile, CCTA’s executive director, emphasized the community’s request for reliable transport solutions, praising May Mobility for designing an apt service. Meghan Grela, autonomous lead at Via, highlighted their continued partnership with May Mobility to bridge healthcare gaps using AV technology.

Bottom Line

By early 2024, when this deployment becomes operational, May Mobility’s reach will span across states including California, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, and Arizona, marking a significant milestone in improving public transportation through autonomous solutions.


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