Beep Partners with Contra Costa Transportation Authority for First West Coast Deployment

What’s Happening: Autonomous shared mobility solutions provider Beep Inc. announced a partnership with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) for its first West Coast deployment at Bishop Ranch in San Ramon, Northern California. In 2018, CCTA became the first agency in California to receive permission from the California Department of Motor Vehicles for a shared autonomous vehicle to travel on public roads in the state.

Why It Matters: The partnership between Beep Inc. and CCTA signifies a major step forward in supporting public transit and addressing first and last-mile challenges in California. Beep’s expansion to the West Coast, in collaboration with a pioneering transportation authority like CCTA, demonstrates the company’s capabilities and reputation in the autonomous mobility space.

Key Points:

  • The program will offer employees, visitors, and residents of Bishop Ranch the opportunity to experience autonomous mobility in Beep’s electric shuttles.
  • The four-stop route will connect the San Ramon Transit Center, City Center, and various corporate offices.
  • CCTA Board Chair Federal Glover praised Beep’s leadership in the autonomous mobility space, highlighting successful projects with private communities, public transit authorities, and the U.S. National Park Service.
  • Beep and CCTA plan to partner on delivering autonomous mobility at an additional site early next year, providing CCTA with valuable insights for developing services with autonomous vehicles.

Bottom Line: Beep Inc.’s partnership with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority marks a significant milestone for the company, as it expands its autonomous mobility solutions to the West Coast. This collaboration is expected to provide valuable insights into the integration of autonomous shuttles into communities and support the development of dynamic mobility networks in campuses, communities, and city centers throughout the county.


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