Liftango Teams with May Mobility for AV Transit

Liftango, a foremost name in shared mobility, has entered into a partnership with May Mobility, a leading force in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. Their collaboration is set to develop advanced demand-responsive transport solutions utilizing autonomous microtransit. The collaboration will span regions including the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Why It Matters

This partnership signifies a step forward in enhancing urban and rural transportation. By combining Liftango’s shared mobility prowess with May Mobility’s autonomous vehicle expertise, the goal is to establish a safer, more inclusive transit system tailored to the specific requirements of diverse communities.

Key Points

  • Combined Strength: The alliance merges Liftango’s demand-responsive scheduling with May Mobility’s autonomous fleet, optimizing routes and scheduling.
  • Seamless Integration: Vehicles armed with May Mobility’s AV technology will switch effortlessly between demand-responsive and set routes, all powered by Liftango’s platform.
  • Expanded Access: With this collaboration, more individuals, including those in rural areas or those with mobility challenges, can enjoy better transport services.
  • Executive Insights: Manik Dhar, Chief Commercial Officer for May Mobility, emphasized the potential to innovate and scale AV solutions in various communities. Kevin Orr, CEO and Co-Founder of Liftango, heralded the partnership as a vital stride in offering safe, equitable, and accessible transit solutions worldwide.

Bottom Line

Liftango and May Mobility’s shared ambition lies in revolutionizing transport. By optimizing the use of demand-responsive, shared autonomous vehicles, the partnership aims to alleviate congestion, enhance environmental sustainability, and lower operational costs for transport providers. This collaboration stands to augment transportation choices for users, bringing the promise of autonomous vehicles closer to full realization.


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