Mobileye and MAN Truck & Bus Join Forces to Pioneer Autonomous Public Transit

What’s Happening

Mobileye, an autonomous vehicle technology company, and MAN Truck & Bus, a leading bus manufacturer, announced a partnership today to venture into the realm of autonomous public transit. They plan to incorporate cutting-edge autonomous vehicle technology into MAN’s award-winning city buses, reinforcing Mobileye’s strategy of integrating self-driving technology across various vehicle platforms.

Why It Matters

This collaboration represents a significant step for MAN Truck & Bus as they forge a path toward the automation of urban buses. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, as well as mitigate the impact of anticipated driver shortages. The partnership with Mobileye underscores the growing trend of digitization and automation in the public transit sector.

Key Points

Mobileye’s Senior Vice President, Autonomous Vehicles, Johann Jungwirth, expressed excitement over the collaboration, emphasizing the potential of Mobileye’s Drive™ system. This system offers a flexible and scalable autonomous vehicle solution adaptable to various vehicle platforms, with MAN marking its inaugural application in bus transit.

Mobileye Drive™ incorporates Mobileye’s advanced EyeQ™ systems-on-chip, along with sensing, mapping, and driving policy technologies, to create a comprehensive self-driving system for commercial use. The system’s sensor configuration includes an array of cameras, radars, and lidars, adaptable to various vehicle platforms.

The first step in this partnership will be to implement the knowledge gained from Mobileye Drive’s initial test operations in Germany into the MAN city bus. The program’s inaugural milestone will involve integrating Drive into a MAN Lion’s City E bus as part of a larger Munich-based research project slated for 2025, with a safety driver on board.

Bottom Line

This collaboration between Mobileye and MAN Truck & Bus is poised to set new standards in autonomous public transit. Following the initial trial in Munich, the plan is to launch more test projects, working towards the goal of achieving mass production by the end of the decade. This partnership could usher in a new era of public transit, providing efficient, cost-effective, and autonomous solutions for urban mobility.


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