Lenovo & WeRide: Autonomous Drive Boost

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Lenovo Vehicle Computing and WeRide have joined forces to push the boundaries of autonomous driving technology. This strategic partnership, centered around the innovative NVIDIA DRIVE Thor platform, marks a significant leap towards the realization of Level 4 autonomous driving solutions tailored for commercial use. The collaboration leverages Lenovo’s cutting-edge autonomous driving domain controller, AD1, which is designed to handle complex AI workloads, setting a new benchmark in the automotive and computing industries.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic partnership between Lenovo Vehicle Computing and WeRide.
  • Use of the NVIDIA DRIVE Thor platform with Lenovo’s AD1 controller.
  • Aim to develop Level 4 autonomous driving solutions.
  • WeRide One platform to integrate AD1 for diverse urban applications.
  • Partnership to enhance global deployment of autonomous driving technologies.

The AD1, developed by Lenovo and based on the sophisticated NVIDIA DRIVE Thor platform, features the latest Blackwell architecture. This architecture is optimized for transformer and generative AI workloads, ensuring the system’s readiness for NVIDIA’s advanced data center AI solutions. The integration of AD1 into WeRide’s One platform signifies a major step towards versatile and scalable autonomous driving applications, focusing on urban environments.

Tony Han, CEO of WeRide, highlighted the company’s unique position and its comprehensive experience in deploying autonomous driving technologies across various levels. “This collaboration with Lenovo Vehicle Computing, along with NVIDIA’s accelerated compute and AI expertise, will enable us to deliver enhanced autonomous driving products, solutions, and services to customers worldwide,” Han stated.

Donny Tang of Lenovo and Rishi Dhall of NVIDIA both emphasized the importance of this partnership in advancing the development and adoption of intelligent, autonomous vehicles. By combining their strengths, the three companies aim to not only advance autonomous driving technology but also explore new possibilities for intelligent capabilities within the automotive industry.

The collaboration between Lenovo Vehicle Computing, WeRide, and NVIDIA represents a pivotal moment in the journey towards fully autonomous driving solutions. With a focus on innovation, scalability, and safety, this partnership is set to accelerate the deployment of autonomous vehicles across the globe, making intelligent, self-driving technology a reality for everyday use.

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