Autonomous Drive: Joins GemVaxLink

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In a significant move for autonomous driving technology,, a leading Chinese autonomous driving solution provider, has joined forces with South Korean tech giant GemVaxLink. The partnership, announced at a signing ceremony in Seoul, marks the creation of a joint venture aimed at pushing the boundaries of autonomous driving technology and services within the South Korean market. This collaboration not only signifies’s expansion into East Asia but also highlights its ongoing strategy to deploy autonomous driving solutions globally.

Key Highlights:

  • Joint Venture Formation: and GemVaxLink to establish a new joint venture in Seoul, focusing on autonomous driving technologies.
  • Market Expansion: This partnership marks’s strategic expansion into the South Korean autonomous driving market.
  • Innovative Collaboration: The companies will combine their strengths in technology and market knowledge to develop and deploy autonomous driving services.
  • Future Plans: Initial plans include launching an autonomous vehicle fleet in Seoul for ride-hailing services, with ambitions for further localization and product expansion.

The new joint venture, slated for establishment later this year in Seoul, is a testament to both companies’ commitment to innovation and safety in autonomous driving. and GemVaxLink aim to initially roll out a fleet of autonomous vehicles to offer safe and comfortable ride-hailing services to Seoul’s residents. This effort will serve as a foundation for the potential localization and expansion of additional autonomous driving technologies in South Korea.’s global experience in autonomous driving R&D and fleet operations, combined with GemVaxLink’s expertise in automotive connectivity and software development, positions the partnership uniquely to navigate the complexities of the South Korean market. Despite South Korea’s current landscape, where most vehicles are equipped with basic advanced driver assistance systems (L1-L2), the joint venture aspires to pave the way for more advanced L4 autonomous driving applications, leveraging the country’s advanced urban infrastructure.

This strategic alliance underscores the shared vision of and GemVaxLink to enhance the future of transportation through autonomous driving technologies, setting a new benchmark for innovation in the South Korean market.

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