Kalmar, Forterra To Development Autonomous Terminal Tractor

Kalmar and Forterra have embarked on a joint venture to revolutionize terminal operations with autonomous terminal tractor solutions. This collaboration melds Kalmar’s prowess in port and terminal automation with Forterra’s cutting-edge autonomous systems, marking a significant leap towards enhancing efficiency and safety in container-handling sectors.

Key Highlights:

  • Joint development agreement signed by Kalmar and Forterra for autonomous terminal tractors.
  • Kalmar to integrate drive-by-wire technology and manage fleets with the Kalmar One system.
  • Forterra to incorporate its AutoDrive® platform, enhancing autonomous operations.
  • Initiative aims to boost safety and productivity in container and trailer handling.

Insightful Collaboration for Innovation

Kalmar, a segment of Cargotec, and Forterra, previously known as RRAI, have joined forces, combining their expertise to introduce an autonomous terminal tractor solution poised to redefine terminal operations. Kalmar’s responsibility includes the development of the automation-ready terminal tractor, emphasizing the integration of drive-by-wire solutions and leveraging the Kalmar One fleet management system for operational excellence. Conversely, Forterra brings its AutoDrive® platform to the table, promising to elevate autonomous operations to new heights.

Forterra, a trailblazer in autonomous system provisions, brings its experience from serving the U.S. Department of Defense to civilian applications, showcasing a robust background in navigating the complexities of driverless technology in challenging environments like ports and logistics centers.

Statements from the Leaders

Josh Araujo, CEO of Forterra, emphasized the synergy between Kalmar’s terminal automation expertise and Forterra’s autonomous system prowess, aiming to revolutionize the container and trailer-handling market with the AutoDrive® platform.

Juuso Kanner, Vice President of Kalmar’s Automation Business Line, highlighted the transformative potential of automating terminal tractors, citing safety and productivity as key drivers. This collaboration is seen as a natural progression from Kalmar’s successful initiatives in straddle carrier automation and the RoboTractor pilot, underscoring the shared vision for a future where automated operations are the norm.

About Kalmar and Forterra

Kalmar stands as a global leader in eco-efficient cargo handling solutions, boasting a comprehensive electric portfolio and a commitment to innovation. Forterra, known for its autonomous vehicle solutions for the U.S. military, brings its expertise to civilian applications, promising advancements in autonomous driving systems for industrial use.

This partnership not only signifies a step forward in technological innovation but also a commitment to improving operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the cargo handling industry.

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