Forterra: Pioneering Autonomy Innovation

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Robotic Research Autonomous Industries (RRAI) has officially rebranded as Forterra, marking a significant evolution in its focus towards developing advanced autonomous technologies for both defense and commercial sectors. This strategic shift underscores Forterra’s dedication to leading the charge in ground-based autonomy, leveraging over two decades of innovation and expertise.

Forterra’s CEO, Josh Araujo, emphasized the rebranding as a reflection of the company’s current identity and its ongoing mission. “Our rebrand to Forterra represents who we are today, while reflecting our history and the mission that drives us. We exist to empower people and their missions — regardless of the environment,” Araujo stated.

With a unique focus on defense vehicles and commercial trucks designed for specific uses such as private-road, on-property, and industrial operations, Forterra aims to navigate the path to profitability faster than its peers by sidestepping the regulatory challenges common in the robotaxi and on-highway autonomous trucking industries.

Highlighting the strategic advantage, Araujo noted, “Forterra’s approach, with defense as our priority, puts our AutoDrive® autonomy platform front and center in handling the hardest conditions.” This focus is expected to not only differentiate Forterra from its competitors but also secure a stable financial foundation for further innovation and growth.

Since its inception in 2002, Forterra has been at the forefront of autonomous system development and deployment in the defense sector, boasting operational technology across four continents and in over 10 countries. It stands out as the sole competitor in all four DOD ground autonomy programs and is the only company currently delivering driverless vehicles for military use. Forterra’s contributions have been pivotal in establishing the DoD’s performance specifications for driverless vehicles.

The company’s AutoDrive® autonomy platform is versatile, capable of functioning across various vehicle types and in complex environments. It’s distinguished by its use of NDAA-compliant components, ensuring it meets the rigorous requirements of demanding clients like the US Military.

Supporting Forterra’s transition, Crescent Cove Founder and CIO Jun Hong Heng lauded the company’s direction. “The essence of Forterra’s rebrand is captured by its promise to deliver autonomous mobility in the most complex driving environments,” Heng remarked.

Looking ahead, Forterra projects the US defense market for ground autonomy to exceed $4 billion by 2026, having already secured four significant DoD contracts in 2023. The company’s proven success in challenging terrains has also facilitated its entry into industrial markets, with notable contracts for self-driving vehicles in logistics and off-highway logging operations.

About Forterra’s Name: The new name blends “for” (signifying direction or belonging) with “terra” (Latin for earth or ground), suggesting strength and resilience. The double Rs honor the company’s origins as Robotic Research, celebrating over two decades of innovation in autonomy.

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