Hesai-GWM Strategic Partnership Sealed

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Hesai, the frontrunner in LiDAR technology for vehicles and robotics, announced a pivotal strategic partnership with Great Wall Motors (GWM), the esteemed automotive manufacturer. This alliance marks a significant step towards integrating cutting-edge LiDAR safety technology into GWM’s future vehicle lineup, promising to elevate the standards of intelligent driving.

Key Highlights

  • Strategic Alliance: Hesai partners with GWM to equip new vehicles with advanced LiDAR technology.
  • Innovation in Intelligent Driving: The partnership aims to enhance driving safety and intelligence through superior LiDAR integration.
  • R&D Collaboration: Joint research and development efforts focusing on high-performance LiDAR for GWM’s new models.
  • Commitment to Safety: Both companies emphasize the importance of safety in the evolution of intelligent driving systems.

David Li, CEO of Hesai, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the shared vision for innovation in intelligent driving technologies. “Incorporation of Hesai’s technology will enable higher precision perception and empower intelligent driving functions,” Li stated, underlining the potential for safer and smarter driving experiences worldwide.

Bold Steps Towards Future Driving Technologies
The partnership initiated with a strategic meeting to kickstart R&D on multiple LiDAR projects, with an agreement to mass-produce high-performance LiDAR units. GWM’s new passenger car models will feature Hesai ADAS LiDAR, expected to roll out later this year. Furthermore, the collaboration extends to developing ultra-high-performance LiDAR under Hesai’s new generation platform, aiming to pioneer advancements in intelligent driving fields.

Mu Feng, President of GWM, praised Hesai’s global achievements and reliability in the LiDAR domain. Feng anticipates further strategic opportunities, aspiring to “create a leading intelligent driving system in China, with safety at the core.” This partnership signifies a mutual endeavor to leverage each company’s strengths, fostering cooperation, enhancing user value, and supporting Chinese brands in achieving global recognition.

Hesai stands at the forefront of LiDAR innovation, with its AT128 model offering unparalleled detail perception over 200 meters. With over 50 models reaching mass production and more than 300,000 units delivered by the end of 2023, Hesai’s commitment to expanding market presence and product innovation remains unwavering. This strategic alliance with GWM represents a significant milestone in the journey towards safer, more intelligent automotive technologies.

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