EX9 Reimagines Logistics: Autonomous, Green & Human-Centric

Deeptech startup EX9 unveils its game-changing solution for logistics and manufacturing terminals: all-in-one, automated, and eco-friendly transport robots. EX9’s “Unmanned Transport as a Service” tackles key industry challenges – sustainability, productivity, and worker well-being – with its fleet of electric, autonomous shunting robots.

From Pilot to Global: Transforming Supply Chains

Following a successful pilot with DHL France, EX9 is ready to revolutionize global logistics. Their robots move trailers, containers, and heavy loads within closed compounds, like warehouses and distribution hubs. This not only boosts efficiency by 30% but also slashes CO2 emissions by over 90%, exceeding crucial sustainability goals.

EX9: The Autopilot Turnkey to Logistics Automation

EX9’s secret weapon is its Autopilot Turnkey system. This software brain integrates seamlessly with existing operations, optimizing shunting tasks like pre-loading and “drop & hook.” The robots, equipped with AI and computer vision, navigate dynamic environments, identify dock doors, and map their surroundings in real-time. They’re also safety-first, with collision avoidance and remote monitoring features.

Ksenia Duarte, CEO of EX9, states: “We’re passionate about making logistics more human-centric, efficient, and sustainable. With our proven Autopilot software and rapid deployment tools, we’re excited to accelerate automation in closed compounds, helping businesses achieve concrete results for both productivity and decarbonization.”

Bridging the Gap: Productivity, Sustainability, and Worker Well-being

Terminal automation is crucial for future success. EX9’s robots not only reduce operational costs but also enhance safety and security. Their electric nature further minimizes environmental impact, with studies showing a 94% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel tractors.

But EX9 goes beyond efficiency. Their robots take over tedious and potentially risky tasks, freeing up workers for higher-value roles like process control and robot maintenance. This improves working conditions, attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market.

Proven Success at DHL: A Case Study for the Future

EX9’s robots have already impressed industry leaders. DHL’s Mitry-Mory site in France saw a 20% increase in preloading and reduced waiting times for truck drivers thanks to EX9’s automation. This success story showcases the potential for significant cost savings and emissions reduction in similar facilities.

EX9: Tailored Solutions for a Brighter Future

EX9 understands that every client has unique needs. During CES, they’re launching a “Discovery offer” – a case study diagnostic to analyze existing shunting operations, identify automation opportunities, and provide a customized report with CO2 reduction estimates and ROI calculations. Additionally, EX9 plans to offer training modules to guide clients through the automation process.

These robots are not just machines but the key to a future where logistics are efficient, sustainable, and human-centric. With their innovative solutions, EX9 is poised to revolutionize the industry, one terminal at a time.


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