Clevon’s Autonomous Robots Launch in Peachtree Corners

Peachtree Corners, one of the pioneering smart cities enhanced by connected infrastructure and 5G, has officially introduced Clevon’s autonomous robot carriers (ARCs). These ARCs, fortified by T-Mobile connectivity, are engineered to gather orders from various facilities like warehouses, retail stores, and micro fulfillment centers, subsequently delivering these orders to residents and businesses within the city.

Why It Matters

Clevon’s decision to launch their cutting-edge ARCs in Peachtree Corners underscores the city’s stature as a premier smart city environment. As noted by Clevon’s CEO, Sander Sebastian Agur, Peachtree Corners offers a forward-thinking ecosystem, enriched by the city’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, T-Mobile’s robust network, and myriad engagement opportunities with connected entities. Such an environment is pivotal for refining and perfecting the functioning of autonomous robot carriers, especially as they navigate real-world challenges.

Key Points

  • Clevon’s ARCs are fully electric and have versatile configurations tailored for diverse business requirements.
  • They present numerous benefits such as:
    • Reducing failed deliveries, carbon emissions, delivery costs, and package theft.
    • Offering secure, efficient, and on-demand delivery, proven in all-weather conditions globally.
  • Brandon Branham, Curiosity Lab’s Executive Director, emphasizes the city’s commitment to adopting groundbreaking technologies, lauding the introduction of Clevon’s ARCs as a step toward enhancing delivery operations and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • These robots are designed for U.S. public roads and aim for efficient multi-package deliveries in one trip. They incorporate T-Mobile’s IoT solutions and are also slated for live 5G testing under T-Mobile’s partnership.

Bottom Line

The integration of Clevon’s autonomous robot carriers into Peachtree Corners heralds a significant advancement in delivery solutions. It not only champions efficiency and customer experience but also underscores a concerted push for sustainability and technological innovation in the realm of last-mile delivery. T-Mobile’s Vice President, Dave Bezzant, encapsulated this sentiment, expressing enthusiasm at supporting Clevon’s endeavors to craft a more sustainable and efficient delivery framework.


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