dSPACE Elevates IAC Racing with SIL

dSPACE, a global leader in simulation and validation technology, is enhancing its collaboration with the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC). This strategic partnership now incorporates exclusive software-in-the-loop (SIL) technology support for IAC’s university racing teams, alongside existing hardware contributions. This significant expansion leverages dSPACE’s technological expertise to elevate the performance of the world’s fastest self-driving racecars.

Over the past year, these autonomous vehicles have showcased their prowess at renowned racetracks, powered by dSPACE’s on-vehicle computers. The upcoming integration of dSPACE’s SIL solutions, including training and engineering assistance, will empower university teams to hone their AI Drivers in a virtual environment. This advancement aims at enhancing reliability, safety, and speed.

As the official SIL technology sponsor, dSPACE offers its advanced SIMPHERA solutions. This comprehensive framework encompasses simulation models, test automation, analysis, and a simulation platform. It facilitates the integration of additional components like HIL simulators. Teams gain complete access to this customizable framework in both desktop and cloud environments. SIMPHERA’s flexibility allows for personalization, where teams can incorporate their models and conduct immediate racing dynamics tests in the cloud.

dSPACE’s AUTERA AutoBox, a robust and high-performing central computer, has been instrumental in the IAC racecars’ operations. Processing data from various sensors and systems, it enables real-time control of autonomous vehicles speeding up to 190 mph.

Dr. Carsten Hoff, CEO of dSPACE, highlighted the success of the AUTERA AutoBox in its first year, now progressing to provide teams with a virtual racetrack experience through SIL solutions. These advanced tools offer early insights and could be crucial for teams aiming to triumph in IAC races.

Paul Mitchell, President of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, praised dSPACE’s pivotal role in advancing the IAC’s fastest autonomous racecar. The enhanced collaboration includes a customized SIMPHERA SIL product, offering a digital twin of next-gen IAC racecars and tracks. This partnership is set to facilitate sim-to-real transfer learning, unlocking the AI Drivers’ full potential for safe, high-speed automation.


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