dSPACE Revs Up CES 2024: Testing Electric & Self-Driving Future

dSPACE is hitting the gas at CES 2024, showcasing groundbreaking solutions for electric and self-driving car development, simulation, and validation. As the exclusive on-vehicle computer technology sponsor of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, dSPACE will demonstrate its tech in all-weather, high-pressure racing at the event’s night race.

Charging Ahead in E-Mobility:

  • Battery Management Mastery: dSPACE’s modular system designs for testing Battery Management Systems (BMS) ensure optimal battery life and performance, from electric cars to power grids.
  • Powerhouse HIL Testing: Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) systems test inverters at full power, pushing the boundaries of e-motor control and power electronics.
  • Smart Charging Revolution: dSPACE’s comprehensive solution meets international standards and supports development of onboard chargers, charging stations, and even future innovations like robot charging.

Autonomous Driving: Precision in the Virtual World:

  • SIMPHERA: This web-based, cloud solution brings high-scalability to simulation and virtual validation, streamlining development across distributed teams.
  • AURELION Sensor Simulation: Experience hyper-realistic scenarios with AURELION, which faithfully replicates real-world sensor data for virtual testing.
  • Intelligent Fleet & Data Management: dSPACE and AWS partner to drastically shorten data acquisition times for ADAS/AD algorithm development, making data-driven processes more efficient.
  • HPC & Software-in-the-Loop (SIL): dSPACE tackles E/E architecture and software stack integration testing by simulating software components on real ARM processors in the cloud.

Find dSPACE at booth #4300 in the LVCC, West Hall:

See how their innovations are paving the way for a faster, safer, and more sustainable future of transportation. Get ready for an electrifying ride!


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