Daimler Taps Aeva for LiDAR in Autonomous Truck Push

Daimler Truck, a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, has chosen Aeva as its LiDAR supplier for a landmark autonomous truck program. This partnership aims to propel autonomous trucks onto U.S. roads by 2027.

Key points:

  • Aeva’s cutting-edge 4D LiDAR technology will equip Daimler’s Freightliner Cascadia platform.
  • This technology provides precise object detection and velocity data, crucial for safe autonomous driving.
  • The collaboration also involves Torc Robotics, Daimler’s autonomous truck software arm.
  • Integration of LiDAR sensors into the production process simplifies future truck purchases.
  • This marks Aeva’s first major production win with a Tier 1 automotive OEM.

Delving deeper:

  • Aeva’s LiDAR sensors use a continuous laser beam to measure distance and velocity simultaneously, offering better safety and automation.
  • Daimler and Torc have already conducted successful on-road tests and customer pilots.
  • Their trucks employ a multi-sensor approach, combining LiDAR, radar, and camera technology for redundancy and adaptability.


  • Joanna Buttler, Head of Global Autonomous Technology Group at Daimler Truck: “Selecting Aeva is a key puzzle piece on our path towards commercialization. Together with Torc, we are well on track to offer autonomous trucks to the U.S. market by 2027.”
  • Peter Vaughan Schmidt, CEO at Torc Robotics: “Aeva’s LiDAR technology allows for significantly higher resolution and farther detection, crucial for safe deployment of autonomous trucks at scale.”
  • Soroush Salehian, Co-Founder and CEO at Aeva: “Our partnership with Daimler Truck and Torc Robotics is trailblazing the next era of commercial trucking. We are proud to be selected for this major production supplier awarding.”


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