Cyngn Advances in Autonomous Tech

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Cyngn Inc., a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology, has reached a significant milestone with the notice of allowance for its 20th U.S. patent, numbered 17/812,072. This patent is pivotal as it addresses the intricate process of generating a compensated environmental model for autonomous vehicles (AVs). The method improves how AV sensors, which are constantly in motion, collect data and compensate for the time delay in processing this information, enhancing the vehicle’s interaction with its environment.

Key Highlights of Cyngn’s Latest Achievement:

  • Notice of Allowance received for patent addressing Adaptive Motion Compensation of Perception Channels.
  • This patent marks the 20th in Cyngn’s growing portfolio, underlining its commitment to enhancing AV technology.
  • The patent is part of Cyngn’s ongoing effort to fortify its intellectual property, following the recent issuance of their 19th patent.

“Receiving a Notice of Allowance for our 20th U.S. patent is a testament to Cyngn’s relentless pursuit of innovation in autonomous vehicle solutions.” remarked Lior Tal, Cyngn’s Chairman and CEO. “In 2023, we were granted 16 U.S. patents. This is a continuation of our effort that exemplifies our strong technical team.”

Abou: Cyngn is dedicated to developing and deploying scalable, differentiated autonomous vehicle technology for industrial applications. The company’s innovative solutions, such as the DriveMod Kit, allow for seamless integration of AV technology into existing industrial operations, mitigating challenges like labor shortages and safety incidents while boosting productivity and meeting rising eCommerce demands.

Cyngn’s flagship Enterprise Autonomy Suite includes DriveMod, Cyngn Insight, and Cyngn Evolve—tools designed to enhance fleet management, teleoperation, and the use of data for ongoing AI development.

For further details on the company’s broad range of patents, which focus on the modularity and flexibility of AV systems, interested parties are encouraged to consult the USPTO’s records.

This development not only strengthens Cyngn’s IP assets but also positions the company at the forefront of the burgeoning field of autonomous industrial vehicles, promising enhanced operational efficiencies for their growing client base.

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