Aviva, Darwin Expand Autonomous Shuttle project

Aviva and Darwin Innovation Group have expanded their autonomous vehicle project with a noteworthy addition. This initiative, at the forefront of the UK’s exploration into self-driving transportation, not only paves the way for a new era in vehicular travel but also sets new standards for insuring these futuristic modes of transport. With the collaboration now encompassing the University of Salford, this venture delves deeper into understanding autonomous vehicle operations and their implications for insurance and mobility.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership expansion includes a second self-driving shuttle.
  • Operational insights are being gathered in a real-world setting, enhancing data for insurance product development.
  • Supported by major space agencies, indicating a high level of technological sophistication.
  • Aimed at broadening the application of autonomous vehicles beyond the current trial sites.
Aviva, Darwin Expand Autonomous Shuttle project

Aviva and Darwin have been at this pioneering juncture since late 2021, when they launched the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle, marking the UK’s longest-running self-driving passenger service. The addition of a second shuttle, equipped similarly with no driver or steering wheel, utilizes cutting-edge technology like cameras, LiDAR sensors, 3D maps, and self-driving software for navigation and passenger service.

The ongoing project not only facilitates passenger transport around Harwell Science and Innovation Campus but also serves as a crucial study in autonomous vehicle interaction, with support from the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency. The partnership with the University of Salford is particularly focused on expanding these insights, aiming to apply them in the Manchester area.

Insurance innovation stands as a cornerstone of this venture. Aviva has insured both shuttles since the project’s inception, with Darwin providing vital operational data. This collaboration enriches Aviva’s understanding of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), refining the development of insurance products for this emerging sector.

Daniela Petrovic, co-founder of Darwin, emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the shuttles, stating, “We are testing both vehicles all the time, and improvements in one are immediately deployed in the other.” This not only accelerates advancements in CAV software but also explores the potential for on-demand passenger services, a promising future for rural mobility.

Tom Pitney, Head of Motor at Aviva, underscores the significance of this milestone, highlighting the “wealth of rich data” the trial will provide. This data is instrumental in shaping future mobility, ensuring Aviva remains at the forefront of insuring evolving vehicle technologies.

As this partnership continues to unravel the complexities of autonomous transport and insurance, it stands as a testament to the collaborative effort required to usher in the next generation of mobility solutions.

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