AVIVA and OMNIVISION to Demonstrate Advanced In-Vehicle Connectivity at AutoSens Detroit 2023

What’s Happening

AVIVA Links Inc., an automotive connectivity company, announced that it will demonstrate OMNIVISION’s in-vehicle camera sensor to processor connectivity at AutoSens Detroit 2023 using its ASA Motion Link technology. The demonstration will take place at the OMNIVISION stand #25 from May 9-11, 2023. AVIVA and OMNIVISION have been collaborating since early 2023 to develop Automotive Serdes Alliance (ASA)-based sensors that combine AVIVA’s high-speed connectivity solutions with OMNIVISION’s leading image sensor technologies.

Why It Matters

This multi-gigabit standards-based solution is a critical milestone for automotive manufacturers in driving the development of a new generation of intelligent and autonomous vehicles. AVIVA’s collaboration with industry leader OMNIVISION aims to accelerate the adoption of ASA technology and expand the ecosystem of standards-based solutions to advance modern automobiles.

Key Points

The new camera systems, designed with small form factors for easy integration and decreased manufacturing costs, are highly secure due to the incorporation of ASA-specified encryption technology. AVIVA’s scalable portfolio of integrated circuits (ICs) and software stacks allows OEMs to develop optimized solutions while surpassing the performance, power, and solution size metrics of traditional solutions.

The AVIVA solution offers

  • Highest Link Speed: Quad port devices support an aggregated bandwidth of 64 Gbps, with up to 16G line rate per port.
  • Lowest Power Consumption: Time Division Duplex (TDD) PHY architecture reduces power consumption per gigabit to less than half compared to other standards-based solutions.
  • Highest Reliability Links: Non-overlapping signals and Forward Error Correction (FEC) ensure robust links with excellent Signal-to-Noise ratios (SNR), eliminating the need for re-transmission and ensuring low deterministic latency.

Bottom Line

AVIVA’s demonstration with OMNIVISION at AutoSens Detroit 2023 will showcase their advanced in-vehicle connectivity technology, which is essential for the development of intelligent and autonomous vehicles. The partnership between AVIVA and OMNIVISION is a significant step in expanding the ecosystem of standards-based solutions, providing automotive manufacturers with the tools needed to create innovative and secure camera systems and sensors for the future of transportation.


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