AV Bill Seeks Human Operators

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In Sacramento, California, Teamsters, state legislators, and labor advocates have rallied together to reintroduce a pivotal bill aimed at integrating human oversight into the operation of autonomous vehicles (AVs). The legislation, Assembly Bill 2286 (AB 2286), mandates the presence of a trained human operator in self-driving trucks exceeding 10,000 lbs. This move, announced on February 13, 2024, underscores a growing concern for both the safety of motorists and the preservation of middle-class jobs amidst the advent of autonomous driving technology.

AB 2286, previously known as Assembly Bill 316, forms a critical component of the CARS package, advocated for by the Teamsters in a bid to shape future AV policies. The bill’s reintroduction, alongside Senate Bill 915, reflects a concerted effort to ensure that technological advancements do not compromise public safety or the livelihoods of California’s workforce.

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Peter Finn, a senior Teamster official, emphasized the urgency of the legislation, stating, “We’ve seen the destruction that small robotaxis can cause.” He highlighted the potential dangers posed by driverless vehicles, advocating for AB 2286 as a necessary step towards safeguarding public roads and jobs.

The bill, championed by Assembly Majority Leader Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, enjoyed overwhelming bipartisan support in its initial introduction, with a notable majority of California lawmakers and voters endorsing the need for human operators in autonomous trucks. Aguiar-Curry criticized the autonomous trucking industry’s portrayal of the bill, clarifying that it does not ban self-driving technology but insists on the inclusion of Human Safety Operators during testing and deployment phases.

Chris Griswold, another Teamsters leader, reinforced the bill’s safety-first approach, arguing that past incidents involving autonomous vehicles underscore the technology’s current limitations and the risks of prioritizing corporate interests over public welfare.

The push for AB 2286 has gained momentum following Governor Gavin Newsom’s veto of AB 316 in September 2023, an action that coincided with a series of accidents involving autonomous vehicles, including a robotaxi incident that resulted in a pedestrian injury. These events have sparked investigations and legal actions, highlighting the challenges and controversies surrounding AV deployment.

As the debate over autonomous vehicles continues, the Teamsters’ advocacy for AB 2286 and SB 915 underscores a broader struggle to balance innovation with safety, job security, and community input. With the support of lawmakers across the political spectrum, the initiative aims to establish a regulatory framework that accommodates technological advances without compromising human welfare or economic stability.

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